The Ultimate Travel Fitness Plan

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Traveling is fun, but when it comes to traveling for work it's a different story.

Most people try to keep their routines the same when they travel. If you like to workout while working in the office or at home it's easy to stay in your routine, but on the road things can be challenging.

Working out when traveling is not easy. Some hotels offer gyms and it can be enough to hit the gym for a quick run or a short weight exercise, but most of the time when you're on the road you need to find time to get food for the three meals each day while planning your meetings and events. There is little time to head down the gym.

Plus there is the issue of being tired from the long days of working on the road. Who wants to workout after a long day of meetings?

For those looking to sidestep these issues of working out on the road here are tips for creating your own ultimate travel fitness plan.

Use Body Weight for Strength Exercises


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The biggest advantage we have on the road is our own bodies.

Using your body weight is the best way to exercise while traveling. In fact, using your body is a great exercise anytime. There are a number of exercises you can do in your hotel room right away in the morning to get your day started off healthy.

First, work on some basic crunches and push-ups. You can knock these out in a few minutes. Go until you're tired and superset with another exercise then come back for a few more reps.

Second, use the chairs or something similar if your room to do some dips. This works your triceps and really gets the arms working.

Third, work the core by doing some planks. Get in the plank position with your arms on the ground. Hold it for as long as you can. Repeat on each of your sides with the standard side plank.

Get creative with your body weight. You can really work a lot of muscles with just yourself and your hotel room.

Work on Stretching

Don't forget about stretching. It's something we all tend to forget even when working out in our local gym.

Yoga is a great way to get in a full stretching routine. There are tons of smartphone apps that guide you through yoga routines. Download a few of your favorites for the road and do them when you first get up in the morning or do them before bedtime.

A few minutes of stretching keep your body loose and limber plus it gets the blood flowing to help you get through the busy day of meetings.

Walk Everywhere

This is an easy one for most people. When we're on the road we often are visiting a big city. Be sure to walk everywhere you go. Take the stairs in the hotel room.

Take the Stairs

Image Credit: Stairs

Walking is a basic part of human life. Our ancestors used to walk everywhere they went and our bodies are programmed to benefit from walking.

Walk everywhere when you're traveling and you'll be doing your body good by getting back to your primate state.

Do Speed Jumping Jacks for High Intensity Cardio

Something that is tough to do on the road is high intensity cardio. You might be able to find time to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes, but you'll get more effort if you do high intense cardio.

Do some sets of fast jumping jacks right in your hotel room. Jumping jacks are old school, but they work. You're moving your lower body and your upper body.

A set should include an all out jumping jack burst for about 20-30 seconds followed by 90 seconds of easy jumping or walking around the room. Repeat for 6-8 reps to really get the sweat flowing.

It's a great workout.

Watch the Travel Diet

It can be incredibly difficult to eat well while traveling. There is so much temptation. Most times you're eating at nice restaurants and the company is paying. It's easy to indulge a little bit on the company dime.

Even if you're traveling for vacation there is reason to sidestep the normal eating routine. It's tricky, but it's important to remain steadfast in your healthy diet.


Image Credit: Veggies

When traveling be comfortable asking for changes to the regular menu items. A couple tricks you can use include asking for vegetables instead of pasta or potatoes for side dishes. Most restaurants make this change easy.

Also be sure to ask for water at the table instead of soda. Even juice or tea can have loads of sugar, which can be harmful for your diet efforts.

Finally, do your best to avoid the big restaurant desserts. If you must indulge try sharing something with your colleagues. Hey, we all indulge sometimes. We need to live a little.

There is your ultimate travel fitness plan. It's simple to write and hopefully easy to follow.

Did I miss anything?

Ask away in the comments.

About the author: Dayne Shuda is a contributing blogger for Zoostores. To find the items you might need for your ultimate travel fitness routine visit Zoostores.

This is a great post. You

This is a great post. You really have to be creative to continue your fitness exercises when travelling, the good news is it's still fun & very possible for travellers!

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