Three Steps To A Creative Workout

Weight loss solutions vary for different people. Some enjoy stricter dieting by portioning out smaller meals and adhering to weight loss program protocols. Others choose grueling exercise regimens akin to Jillian Michaels’ “boot camp” or more relaxed - but still useful - routines like Yoga or Pilates. And others may choose surgical procedures like the lap band or other gastric bypass operations to see them through.

Whatever the case may be, the goal of weight loss is the same across the board: self-discipline for better living. Determination is crucial for everyone who either wants to shave off a few pounds or go for a complete overhaul.

Make Your Pre-Workout As Wholesome As Possible

I’ll share three ways I changed up my routine for the better, but before that, I must mention to everyone working out, it’s essential you don’t do it on an empty stomach. I tried it once and couldn’t last more than 30 minutes without feeling utterly depleted. People think that if they workout on an empty stomach they’ll lose weight quicker, but in reality, the opposite wins out. Empty stomach exercises put more strain on your body because there are no carbohydrates to expunge energy from, meaning you’ll tire faster.

So fill that belly up with good carbs and keep yourself hydrated before every workout. The more wholesome you feel, the faster and longer your body can naturally break down the weight.

As is the case for exercising, taking a more creative approach to certain workouts can help you not only be more proactive in the future, but feel better for longer stretches. Below are just some of the ways to accomplish that:

Make Routines Feel New Again

This point has more relevancy with the P90X craze, but the main thing is trying to incorporate multiple workouts on a single day rather than manage intense, singular workouts per day.

Exercises like running in place that instantly switch to push-ups and then back again. Or doing reps of crunches that naturally flow into Yoga poses. Squats against the wall where the person freezes into place for a certain amount of time. A personal favorite of mine is doing push-ups into rotations of balancing on my head and being as straight as possible.

Breathing new life into ordinary may be challenging to adjust to at first. Just be mindful you’re not overextending yourself from the get-go because the last thing anyone needs is strained muscles. Once you’re settled in, the sky’s the limit with how to tweak them even further.

Muscle Toning To Music

It’s probably a given that the majority exercise with music blaring. Whether it’s running a mile around the neighborhoods or going full-steam on a treadmill, listening to music has been proven to increase workout endurance. Dr. Costas Karageorghis of Brunell University suggests that exercising while wired in to music can up workouts by nearly 15%.

It’s pretty easy to understand why.

Music helps add little fits of adrenaline throughout your body. Rocking out to heavy metal or techno I’m sure helps intensify the experience. Yet, there comes a point where your body will simply wind down from working out - and that’s where the next tip help ease you into that finality.

Try developing a playlist that goes according to your routine. If you start off with heavy lifting, put on high-tempo selections to help your body go one more rep. From there, if you end the session with a slight jog on the treadmill, match a slower-paced song to put yourself at ease, too. Or do the whole process in reverse if that’s your preference.

Bring Along A Friend

Working out with a friend can always increase endurance rates. For instance, running with someone ups the likelihood you’ll be conversing the entire stretch. And by tallking and running at the same time, it helps your body multitask for the better. This then extends your usual mile run into maybe two more.

Throw in the competitive nature of trying to stay in line with the person next to you and sooner or later that stamina bar inches higher and higher with each run.

And I know some people love solo workouts because it may be some much-needed down time for themselves or they can only exercise without interruptions. That’s fine, too. I’ve just always found it more engaging when a friend of mine is with me.

So, in closing,the benefit of throwing a wrench in your routine every now and then can have positive results. Some may not be so clear at first or might take some getting used to, but the simple fact is: it’s one more cog in the weight loss initiative.

About The Author

Kyle O’Brien is a freelance writer for discussions on health & wellness and is a consultant for a Kansas City Bariatric center that helps patients with weight loss solutions.

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