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When it comes to abdominal exercises and machines to help you complete the exercises, there are so many to choose from it can be impossible to know which ones are right for you. There are many great abdominal and core related products available today but it can be hard to know what you’re buying unless you take the time to look into it.

The Total Core Extra is what we’re talking about today and I am going to investigate this product for you.

How Does the Total Core Extra Work?

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The Total Core Extra has been created to help make the traditional crunch easier. You sit on the machine and its padded rollers cushion your back and support your neck during exercise. The power coils help you on the way up and then provide adequate amount of resistance on the way down.

With constant support and pressure during the traditional crunch you can forget about hurting your back or neck. This machine helps you to work your lower back, obliques and abs all at the same time. It is extremely simple to use and when you are finished it folds flat for easy storage.

What Are Others Saying-Does the Total Core Extra Really Deliver?

There is some negative feedback in regards to this product. Just as with any fitness product, the unfortunate truth is that without trying something you’ll never know how it works. The Total Core Extra got great reviews but the problems began after a few weeks’ worth of usage.

V. Zivic is an Amazon reviewer who really like this item, really enjoyed the back rollers and the comfort of the machine. He also says, “One of the green coils had broken; so there was no more resistance.”

Wear and tear should definitely be considered for any piece of equipment you plan on using because you don’t want to use it for one week and then have to send it back.

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

The Total Core Extra can in fact help you lose weight. This type of abdominal machine is the key to traditional crunches. Men and women hate doing crunches but when your back and neck are supported and you are receiving resistance and assistance when you need it, you will find your abs are getting an incredible workout.

Sharon H. is an Amazon reviewer who says, “...and the Total Core definitely delivered.” The workout DVD can help you get started and learn the different ways to work your abdominals and this is the key to success.

Pros and Cons


  • Folds flat for storage
  • Provides support for your neck and back
  • Provides resistance


  • Reviewers have reported not receiving their full product (missing workout DVD)
  • The coils tend to break easily and after only a short period of usage

Problems and Complaints

The biggest complaint I found relating to this product is its durability. There are several Amazon reviewers who were only able to utilize this product for a few weeks before coils were breaking and they were left with no more resistance. Although products can be returned, when something works and but doesn’t have enough quality for the long term this is disappointing.

Also, there were many consumers who purchased the Total Core Extra and did not receive their workout DVD and this is something you should check immediately after purchase if you have just bought the Total Core Extra because the workout DVD is the key to the weight loss.

How Does the Total Core Extra Compare to Traditional Core Training?

Core training can be difficult and even boring and this is where the Total Core Extra mixes things up. The problem with this product is it does not have the quality to withstand consistent workouts. As someone looking to lose weight you need to invest in a product that will be there for you every day.

Traditional crunches may be boring and more difficult to do but the results are still there and will always be there; no equipment necessary.

How Does the Total Core Extra Rate Overall?

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I have given the Total Core Extra 3 stars out of 5. There were too many consumers who did not receive their entire package or experienced a break down after only a few usages. When it comes to your abdominal muscles the only way to get that desired 6-pack abs is through consistent and persistent workouts and if your machine can’t handle that type of pressure, it is not worth your investment.

On the other hand there were people who did not have break downs with their machine, but the quality is still not quite up to standards with this product.

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