Try These Cheap Home Workout Tips To Stay Trim And Toned

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In these belt tightening times, we all still want to lose weight, but we don’t want to spend a lot of hard earned cash to do so. Try some of these tips for a cheap home workout that will keep you trim, taut, and terrific, without costing the earth.

Resistance bands. These are very inexpensive and allow you to do plenty of resistance exercises for a variety of muscles. Better still, these can be packed into your suitcase when you go on vacation.

Free weights will provide even more of a workout then resistance bands but will cost you more. A small pair of hand or ankle weights will work wonders and won’t cost the earth.

Fitness Balls are great for all manner of abdominal workouts, along with balance exercises, and stretches.

Yoga or Exercise Mat. These are great for those who live in houses with wooden or tiled floors. A mat will make those crunches and Pilates workouts much easier on the body.

Exercise bikes, treadmills etc. Cardio machines are always going to be excellent for a home workout, but they do cost money. Scout around your local garage sales or EBay for a great second hand purchase. You could also try renting one to ensure that you will use it enough to justify any cost, but read the fine print first before you sign on the dotted line.

Other money saving tips:
What do you already own? Have a good look in the garage, basement, and under the bed. You may have a whole home gym in storage that you have totally forgotten about over the years.

Take a walk or a jog around the block. Walking and jogging are free and only require a pair of running shoes, which you probably already have hanging around in the back of a closet.

Turn on the exercise channel. For those stuck indoors, why not try out an exercise channel? At the very least, it will offer you some variety and you may even pick up some new workout tips.

Garage Sales, EBay and the local paper are excellent sources for cheap exercise equipment. Often these items have been rarely used before becoming clothes horses in the corner.

Local library. Use this free amenity to research your workout regime. Hit the DVD stand and the fitness book section for inspiration. Many libraries also offer the latest magazines for borrowing, check out the diet, wellness, yoga, and fitness mags for all the latest trends.

Keeping the muffin top at bay need not cost you a fortune. Hire or borrow yoga and home workout DVDs, books and magazines, to get yourself into a routine. Never underestimate the exercise value of a free brisk walk or jog. Scout around your closet and garage for any discarded and long forgotten workout gear. Burn those calories without burning a hole in the bank.

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