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We all know it’s important to push ourselves when it comes to training, as regular sessions will build-up strong, lean muscle mass over time. Sometimes however, pushing yourself too hard during training can make you take one step forward, and two steps back. The reason for this, is that a lot of us forget about how important the recovery period after a workout is to really maintaining muscle growth.

Taking time to recover from intense exercise is vital

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Taking time to recover from intense exercise is absolutely vital when it comes to your health, and building strong, healthy muscle. Whilst many assume that just physically resting after exercise is enough to help your muscles, there are in fact substantially more benefits to be had from taking specific muscle recovery supplements that include unique protein matrix and premium amino formulas.

Why do muscles need to repair?

Most health science sources advise that carbohydrates and protein are the two most important nutrients for  the muscle recovery, and new supplements to speed the process along are often featured in health headlines.

The most effective way to achieve full muscle recovery, and therefore allow your muscles to become larger and stronger, is to consume carbohydrates as soon as possible after your workout. Having carbohydrates in your system after training maximizes the rate of glycogen synthesis, which is a unique chemical process created by your body that aids muscle recovery.

So where does protein come in? There are two reasons that protein combined with carbohydrates makes a winning team; firstly, protein exaggerates glycogen accumulation, and secondly, it stimulates protein synthesis.If you know anything about muscle-building, you’ll also know that protein is essential for muscle mass increase.

Some scientists talk about “the window of opportunity” which refers to the short space of time post-workout in which it is most beneficial to re-fuel. During this window, it is important therefore to fuel your body with a combination of carbs and protein, to ensure these important chemical reactions take place, and ultimately preserve the strong muscle you’re aiming for.

What supplements can you take to help?

There are a number of workout recovery supplements available on the market, and most of these provide your body with everything you need to keep your muscles strong after an intense workout, and keep you on top of your regime.

I have recently tried a product called Garnell As One, which was very easy to take, as it’s an all-in-one supplement that you can add to your daily shake, as part of a regular routine. It packs an incredible punch, as it has milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, and premium whey protein which balances the high-protein formula and maintains nitrogen levels in your body.

Although this product really worked for me, there are plenty of others out there that include everything your body needs to build lean muscle mass, recover from intense exercise, and generally keep you at the top of your game.

Since researching a little, I’ve found Garnell to be one of the most cost-effective supplements on the market, despite the incredibly high quality and high concentrations of ingredients.

When looking for your perfect muscle recovery supplement, keep a look out for those that have the following ingredients: added BCAAs, glutamine, creatine, beta-alanine, and don’t forget to ask your supplier which is the best flavour! It’s really important that your chosen product tastes great, as you may want to use it in water or shakes on a daily basis.

Some supplements also have a lot more sugar than others, so watch out for the glucose content- as you don’t want to have to worry about potential (non-muscle) weight gain.

For keen gym-goers and athletes alike, recovering after a hefty workout will really build a strong foundation for muscle growth, and that’s why muscle-recovery supplements will help you achieve your goals and most importantly, keep you healthy.

Recover fast naturally

It is safer to try home remedies to cure pain, and you may even start doing some physical exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Regards, Eric B.

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