Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer Review - Can It Flatten Your Abs?

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For the first few months after I had my baby, I would have given anything to lose the pudge in my belly area. Since there was no quick way to do that, the Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer was mighty appealing: the idea is that you simply wear it while you work out, and it will help you burn fat by retaining heat in the midsection. It also will visibly slim your waist area in the meantime while you wear it.

However, after doing some research I quickly realized that this is only a temporary fix. Reviewers paint it in a somewhat negative light.

Perhaps you've ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for?” Well, this is a prime example. If a $7 waist belt can make you lose weight, then the manufacturer would be the biggest company in the world right now (and would be charging a lot more than $7 for their miracle product).

What is the Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer All About?

The Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer is an eight-inch wide adjustable waist band that can be worn over or under clothing. While the manufacturer makes no direct claim that it will help you lose weight, the implication is that it will make you look visibly slimmer and, as mentioned, it will also supposedly retain heat in the belly area, thus making you sweat more.

How to Use the Waist Trimmer Belt

What Others Are Saying - Does the Waist Trimmer Really Deliver?

First, the good: it's not too bulky, which is a plus. With these types of trimmers, you don't want it to show from under your clothes, or else it defeats half the purpose. Users like Robert D. Workman wear it during workouts: “I don't even notice it beneath my shirt when I work out,” he says.

As for whether it truly works, the reviews are mixed but most people say that no, it doesn't do the job. Of those who like the product, it is praised for its ability to visibly trim the waistline more than its ability to burn fat. Jewimb, for example, praises the Waist Trimmer saying that “it's the best thing to flatten my abs.”

Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

You may lose water weight as the waist band will certainly make you sweat more than usual, but it's silly to believe that a waist belt can make you burn actual fat. In fact, you'll gain that water weight back the moment you re-hydrate your body. It also may make you look slimmer, but again, it's not the same as truly losing weight.

Pros and Cons


  • The band is machine washable, which is convenient for something in which you'll be sweating profusely.


  • As the product description says it fits most - that doesn't mean all. Larger people will not be able to use this product.
  • Not the sturdiest belt - it tears and rips easily, even if you follow the washing instructions.
  • Some users reported skin irritation coming from the material this belt is made of.

Problems and Complaints

As mentioned briefly above, several users reported that the Velcro can come undone from the cloth portion, which is impossible to fix. Many others reported tearing after just a few uses. By far, the negative reviews were more focused on this issue than whether or not it helps you lose weight.

Other Uses for Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer

Fortunately, consumers who try the Waist Trimmer without success aren't stuck with a worthless piece of material: users like Gloria L. Agel utilized the Waist Trimmer as a back support on a two-week vacation to Europe and didn't experience any back pain.

How Does the Waist Trimmer Rate Overall?

Amazon users give this product three out of five stars. However, because of the negative reviews focusing on the Waist Trimmer's quality and sturdiness, I would recommend staying away from this. There are lots of waist belts out there, many with better track records than this one.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

If you must buy this at a discount for yourself (and yes, a handful of people do swear by the Waist Trimmer), or you just want to see more reviews, head over to

Of course it works - here's why

The most effective weight loss products are based on the fact that they raise your body temperature. Okay: Neoprene belts help you to lose water too by getting the are to sweat. Covering a part of your body to lose water has been used by boxers, wrestlers and bodybuilders for ages. Neoprene does exactly that. Because the heat cannot "escape" and your body cannot cool down your body temperature on that area will rise while using the belt: This will increase the amount of calories you use in a day. If one is using the belt every day, for example during the night and during working out on the gym, jogging, cycling, etc. this process will eventually help you to lose weight. It doesn't work alone and you will still have to eat less calories than your body actually needs to lose weight (at the point when you are actually trying to lose weight - after you have achieved your goal you can eat normally which doesn't mean too much calories: There is a limit and that's about 2000 calories for women and about 2500 calories for men). But the belts works.

I have been using this belt

I have been using this belt for about a month now with my work outs and my classes. For sure have seen results and they are positive! Abs shrunk and does help your back. Worth the short money..I'm glad I bought it and I only paid 4.99 at TJMax!!

I used it for three months

I used it for three months when I walked and saw a huge difference in my stomach and waist area. Before I had this huge roll in the front and on the sides an it helped trim me tremendously. And for large people I had to buy two and strap them together to fit but they work great for me!

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