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A major problem with gaining weight is over eating.  The processed foods we have all come to know and love simply don’t contain all the nutrients are body needs, which leaves us hungry and wanting more.  As a remedy, some people have moved to increasing fiber in their diet. 

Fiber not only helps keep the digestive system stay regular and on track, but gives me a feeling of fullness longer.  Fibers powders and tablets do exist, but they often taste like tree bark.  Vitafusion Fiber Gummies change all of that.

How Does Vitafusion Fiber Gummies Work?

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These gummies aren’t the typical gummy.  They contain loads of fiber.  In fact, each contain up to 5 grams of fiber.  So what makes them so special?  These taste great at next to no calories.  Other fiber powders and tablets can be loaded with calories, making it hard to watch my daily diet.  These contain only 5. 

So how will this help lose weight?  The effect is very indirect.  Fiber keeps the digestive system on track, removing excess waste from the system.  It also keeps you feeling full, not wanting to eat as often or as much.  Keeping food cravings under control with a slimmer diet can go a long way to dropping pounds.

What Are Others Saying?

I haven't found one bad review.  Every person seems to love these little gummies.  Mir agrees that "the great taste and low calorie count are a big hit".  Little kids and grandparents love the taste too.  I have talked to multiple people that say these are great, with a glass of water, for a quick afternoon snack or to solve their sweet tooth problem.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

No clear numbers have been reported with Vitafusion Fiber Gummies for weight loss.  These aren’t a direct weight loss supplement though.  They do help increase the fiber in the digestive system to remove any extra waist and keep everything flowing smoothly.  I think Dawn Marakby said it best, “2 tablets a day help to curb hunger, cravings, and over eating.”

Side Effects

No known side effects were mentioned.  I haven't found any other user testimonials of side effects either. 

Pros And Cons


  • Great taste
  • Excellent source of fiber
  • Very low calories per serving


  • Price can vary store to store
  • Harder to find
  • Easy to eat to many

Problems And Complaints

Surprisingly I have only heard one complaint.  Sara gives the taste a 3.8 out of 5.  The taste isn’t as good as other gummy bears.  This can be a double edged sword though.  Comparing to other fiber supplements, Vitafusion Fiber Gummies taste amazing.  Compared to your gourmet gummy bear, they are a little bland. 

How Does Fiber Help Lose Weight?

Fiber by itself contains no nutritional value.  In fact our bodies can’t process fiber whatsoever.  But that doesn't explain very well how it helps me lose weight.  Fiber actually has many benefits.  The most well known is regularity. 

Because our bodies can’t process fiber, it acts as a plumbing snake to push everything through the digestive system.  Because everything is faster moving, fat has much less time to be absorbed into the system.

Another lesser known effect is that carcinogenics are attracted to fiber.  As it moves through our digestive system, they cling to fiber content and are flushed out of the body.  This lowers the chance for colon cancer significantly.

How Does Vitafusion Fiber Gummies Rate Overall?

I find it very hard not to recommend Vitafusion Fiber Gummies.  Sold as a 90 day supply, they are more then affordable.  They pack huge health benefits with an excellent taste.  And they have a solid reputation.

Where Can I Buy Vitafusion Fiber Gummies? has a 90 day supply currently on sale.  Buy this product with a 32% discount.  Prime members can also enjoy free two day shipping as well.   They are easy to find.  Simply do a search for Vitafusion Fiber Gummies.  Other consumers have also left their impressions as well. Read more reviews here.

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies

I bought the Target equivalent of these and they taste great! I love that they are low calorie, and it's like getting a treat while getting my fiber. I appreciate the link to the discounted bottle at Amazon. You can save another 50 cents if you join the "subscribe and save" delivery for them. If you only want one delivery, you can cancel the subscription after. I think I will keep my subscription going. I rarely get enough fiber on a daily basis.

One note, these are not 5 grams of fiber PER gummy, they are 5 grams per serving, which is TWO gummies.

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