Walk And Lose Weight Successfully And Rapidly

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So you don't like hitting the gym? Embarrassed to be seen running or jogging in your present state? Can't afford a treadmill? Well, all is not lost. Recent research has shown that you do not need to actually run or even jog to shift those pesky pounds. Yes, that's right. You can go for a brisk walk and lose weight successfully.

If you are looking for a simple weight loss activity then 30 minutes of brisk walking at least 5 sessions per week, will result in a decrease in your waist size. Those dieters who are keen to shift their weight more rapidly should aim for 50 minutes of brisk walking a minimum of 5 times per week.

Now, the secret to success with this weight loss campaign is the word "brisk". A brisk walk would be defined as one where you will start to sweat, and your pulse rate will increase. However, you would still be able to gossip with your exercise buddy. Sounds perfect to me. Please note that ambling slowly does not count.

Those who would struggle to walk briskly for 30-50 minutes in one go can break it up into 10 minute segments in the one day. Gradually lengthen the walk until you are managing the 30 minutes, or maybe 25 minutes twice.

The best part of this news is that those who have lost weight and are not keen to rebound can use brisk walking to maintain their post diet weight. Keeping the pounds from returning requires roughly 5 sessions of 50 minutes walking weekly. (So a total of 250 minutes minimum weekly.)

The other important point to consider is that with this weight loss regime, the walk must be done at least 5 times per week. Yes, you can walk more often if you want. In fact, the more you walk, the more impressive your results will be.

Better still, not only will you be burning calories and pounds, you will also be reducing your chances of osteoporosis, diabetes type 2, and heart disease.

Conclusion. Those dieters looking for a less dramatic weight loss should aim for 30 minutes of brisk walking 5 times weekly. Anyone seeking more rapid weight loss, or wishing to maintain a new weight loss should be walking briskly for a minimum of 50 minutes 5 times per week. I don't know about you, but I am lacing up my sand shoes and grabbing the dog leash as I finish up writing.

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