Weight Lost and Diet Can Effectively Ease Your Tortures

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It is no wonder for everybody as obesity is quite a widespread problem in the United States, even in Africa there were some cases closely connected with obesity. At Stanford University School of Medicine scientists tried to find out if weight lost program can really recover female menopause, get rid of skin problems and avoid hair loss.

A quick review of the weight loss research

All women proved the scientists’ points that menstrual disturbance happened as result of their high body mass. As soon as a woman gains some pounds hormonal changes occur in her body. The scientist examined 126 women between 18 and 50 years old. They assisted them to lose their weight and get a healthy weight. Special diets for each woman were developed and they were under permanent attendance of dietitians.

The research was going on for 12 months. 82 per cent of women could shed pounds and got their healthy weight. Some of them noticed that they started having regular menstruation. The majority of women reported that the state of their hair and skin became much better than ever and they didn’t expect such prolific outcomes.

Outcomes of the investigation from the Dr.Thomas Price’ words

Dr. Thomas Price stated “Actually the results proved once again that obesity can cause hormonal changes, hair loss and skin problems”. He also noticed that obese people suffer more from hypertension, heart diseases and cancers. He didn’t joke about the consequences of adiposity. In particular fat men are extremely vulnerable as obesity can lead to sexual problems as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and smaller penis size. There are many ways to cure impotence. Natural medications can improve your sexual functioning. But taking drugs all the time can have some side effects and allergies. Dr. Thomas Price recommends: “Visit your physician and find out if they are good for you”.

What does weight loss mean for health?

Diet and weight lost is sort of healthy habit that can really ease female menopausal and male sexual problems. To get a good idea of losing weight is an effective approach to stay sexually active and healthy. A right diet is extremely vital for each person as everyone has their own eating peculiarities. Price pointed that only physician can see significant changes for your body and make some special preventive care. If your doctor is a gatekeeper of your health he has a right to ask if you eat a well-balanced diet and do enough exercising. Because he is responsible for your health and you should trust him.

Taking into consideration the dietician’s help

Dr. Thomas stated: “Healthy eating includes consuming lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains and water. It must be quite careful as some women can feel symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats”. To get more result at losing weight is better to address dietitians. You will know what to begin with and how many calories enough for you for the start.

There are special groups (control and intervention) where you can reach your loss weight goal. It is proved that the intervention group is quite effective and gives more results than the control group. As dieticians can consult you at any time if you are doing something wrong according to the specially made nutrition program.

The process of losing weight is really slow

The scientists marked that it is hard to control calories outside than eating meal inside. As we don’t have any idea how this food is really prepared. The key to success is to provide awareness how much and what eat to lose your weight. It is better to consume small portions of foods lots of times than eat lots of meals and two times. Anyway it is quite better to lose weight slowly than do it for some days. The quicker you shed your pounds the quicker you will get your extra weight that you have had before.

The research was already published and 15 medical groups took participation in this coalition.

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