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Everyone’s weight loss journey is different but for the most part, the tools you will need to succeed are generally the same. Watching what you eat is definitely the first step and one of the most daunting as well. It can be hard to change your eating habits and the best way to begin is with the guidance of a nutritional plan.

Even a cookbook will help you create great tasting meals that are low in calories to help you begin to lose weight. The Weight Watchers Complete Cookbook can help you get started and enjoy the taste of healthy eating.

What is Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook About?


The Weight Watchers Complete Cookbook is a great compilation of quick and easy recipes such as fajitas as well as different and spicy recipes to mix up your eating habits. By not getting bored with your diet you can continue to eat healthy and enjoy it.

With over 500 healthy recipes to choose from you will never be short on cooking ideas for yourself as well as your family. There are core recipes as well as recipes that include the point value system to help you stay on your weight watchers diet easily and with little calculation. An added bonus it eh holiday recipe section which can help you eat healthy even during the toughest times of the year.

What Are Others Saying-Does the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook Really Deliver?

Even if you are not on the Weight Watchers Program and don’t go to meetings, you can still utilize this cookbook and reap the benefits. You don’t have to be part of a group in order to count your points per day. Jen "ctwmn6988" is an Amazon reviewer who was extremely happy with the results this cookbook brought to her life.

Meal planning can be made easy when you have the proper tools to plan your entire week ahead of time. This reviewer says, “I can easily stay under 22 points per day with this cookbook, and there's so much variety!”

Although the recipes are relatively easy to prepare, for someone who is not an avid cooker, they may seem a bit complicated at first but they are worth the time invested.

Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

This cookbook can most definitely help you lose weight. The key to weight loss is consistency and if you can regularly eat healthy meals and enjoy them, you are on the right track to success. The ability to carefully and methodically keep track of your value points, calories, etc. it what can really increase your success rate.
The great thing about the 500 recipes within this book is that they are exciting and tasty! You can forget about eating salads every single night of the week or chewing on a few carrot sticks instead of enjoying a nice, hot meal. Take the time to understand how the point system works and plan your weekly meals accordingly. Your family will enjoy them as well!

Pros and Cons


  • Over 500 recipes to choose from

  • Point system noted next to recipe
  • Nutritional information available
  • Easy to make recipes


  • Few images that show what the final product should look like
  • Little to no vegan recipes to choose from

Problems and Complaints

I did find a few problems relating to the taste of random recipes but the main problem I found associated with this cookbook is the lack of images to prove what the dish is meant to look like. When I am cooking I always like to see what my meal is supposed to look like and this can be a downfall in regards to this particular cookbook. If you don’t require this than you don’t have a problem!

Are International Food Recipes Included?

Yes! This is by far one of the most comprehensive cookbooks on the market today. There are many different types of international recipes so you never find yourself eating the same foods over and over again. Of the 500 recipes included you will find holiday recipes, international recipes, spicy recipes, sweet recipes and so on.

The Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook has done a great job compiling a unique variety of recipes for every taste bud.

How Does the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook Rate Overall?

Overall, I have given this product 5 out of 5 stars. It is an extremely great cookbook to consider if you’re looking to lose weight but have no interest in eating “diet” foods. The great thing about the recipes within this book is that your entire family with enjoy them.

Where Can I Buy & Read More Reviews for the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook?

Amazon.com is the best place to read through over one hundred different reviews written by consumers just like yourself. This is a great way to discover what others think of the book before deciding to purchase it yourself. Read more reviews here. Amazon.com also offers many great purchasing options that allow you to buy this product directly from your home. Buy this product with a 47% discount.

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