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How to Use the WestHost Coupon Code

Using the promo code for Westhost is a little tricky, so I thought I would make this short tutorial. Here are two things you should remember.

1. After you enter the discount code in the coupon code field, you have to wait around 20-30 seconds until a green tick appears (see red arrow in the picture below)

2. After the tick appears, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the checkout page in order to see the discount.

What is WestHost?

Westhost is a web hosting provider with over one million domains worldwide. In order to start a website, you will need a company to host your site's files. While buying and maintaining your own server is an option, investing in the services of a web hosting company is much more time- and money-efficient.

My Westhost Review

Westhost is a professional web hosting and website company. When the company was started in 1998, they had one goal in mind – to bring customers the most powerful and secure web hosting environment in the world, at affordable prices. By keeping their original goal and improving their services with all of the latest technology available, they have become industry leaders.

The company has won many awards, including most popular by the Web Host Directory, most reliable in Netcraft's top 10, an A+ rating from the BBB and most dedicated server by Web Host Directory. Westhost was acquired by UK2 Group in 2008 to form the largest world wide web hosting provider.  Westhost offers:

  • Web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • eCommerce
  • Reseller programs
  • Dedicated servers

Who is WestHost For?

Whether you are a blogger who wants to start a small personal blog or a business owner who is looking to establish a corporate website, WestHost was created to serve you. From bloggers to entrepreneurs, to small businesses and large news networks, WestHost has become home to all those who want to invest in the services of a reliable web hosting company.

They pride themselves for offering flawless support, and affordable web hosting solutions. Website uptime is guaranteed to be on of the top in the industry so that your site will be practically always available.

Is Westhost Worth It? - Key Features and Benefits

Here is what differentiates Westhost from other web hosting companies:

  • Continuous Support. Most web hosting companies offer support, but what matters to me is instant support right when I need it. One feature I find very practical is the live chat. Need help about selecting a plan, domain registration, pricing, or a technical issue? You can chat live at any time and get answers from WestHost qualified professionals.
  • Inexpensive - Money Back Guarantee. WestHost offers one of the most accessible web hosting services. The 60-day full refund guarantee covers all plans, from shared hosting to VPS to dedicated hosting, whether personal or business type.
  • cPanel. Not being technically inclined, I need to manage all webhosting services using cPanel, this popular easy-to-use console.
  • Their high performance, dedicated servers have 100TB bandwidth, 1 GP port and up to 24 GP RAM. If you want a serious, professional online presence this is all the space and speed you ever need. Until technology offers more, this is the best you can get, and when that happens, you can be sure Westhost will be one of the first to implement the new technology.
  • You get domain registration, parking and URL forwarding quickly and easily. They will even help you find the best name for your domain

My favorite feature about this company is the cloud server. A cloud consists of several dedicated servers roped together to create one mass of super power. The cloud provides unlimited processing power because the company adds additional resources and servers whenever necessary. This means a cost efficient solution for online businesses that require more oomph, without limits.

Westhost Cons – Disadvantages

I believe the company would be better if:

  • They had less downtime. Within a period of one month the site was reportedly down for more than 24 hours at a time on 5 different occasions.
  • Customer service representatives were more knowledgeable. They answer the phone quickly, but do not offer any real help or useful answers.

What Web Hosting Companies Might be Better Than Westhost?

Some of the top competitors for Westhost include:

How Does Westhost Compare to Similar Merchants?

I looked into two other web hosting companies in direct competition to Westhost.

The first company I researched was Host Gator. Host Gator offers a 45-day money back guarantee compared to Westhost's 60 day money back guarantee. Host Gator doesn't have as many products, like cloud hosting, but they do offer a complete shopping cart service for free. At Hostgator you can add forums, photo galleries and membership scripts, all for free. Both merchants have online site building tools with templates, cpanel file uploading system and around the clock customer service. The basic plan offered by both web hosting companies starts at about $4 per month.

The second web hosting company I researched was Web Hosting Pad. They offer plans starting at $1.99 per month, unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited email accounts. Plus, you get $200 worth of free marketing credits when you sign up compared to $100 marketing credits offered by Westhost. The company promise no hidden fees and never to raise your price when it comes time to renew your membership. Compared to Westhost's 60-day money back guarantee, Web Hosting Pad only offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

How Much Does WestHost Cost?

WestHost offers 3 packages.

1. Shared Hosting

This is the simplest and most inexpensive package. It costs $4 - $12 per month, depending on the disk space and bandwidth you buy, which range from 50GB to unlimited, and from 1000GB to unlimited, respectively. Westhost offers 3 solutions for those who are satisfied with shared hosting.

  • Personal – This plan cost $4 per month if you pay for 3 years at once, $5 per month if you pay for 2 years, $6 per month paid annually or $8 per month paid every 3 months, plus $12 per year for your domain, $33 for a dedicated SSL certificate, $3 per month for continuous data protection, and $1 per month for a dedicated IP.
  • Preferred - $8 per month when you pay for 3 years at a time, $9 per month for 2 years, $11 per month paid annually and $13 per month paid every 3 months, plus $33 per year for a dedicated SSL certificate and $1 per month for a dedicated IP. Use the Westhost coupons I provide at the top of this page to get
  • Business - $12 per month when paid for 3 years in advance, $13 per month paid 2 years in advance, $15 per month annually and $17 per month when paid every 3 months, all features are included.

2. VPS Cloud Hosting

If you want security, better control and scalability, big CPU and RAM power, you should consider VPS. I recently switched my site from shared hosting to VPS and I saw the difference in speed. WestHost offers 3 VPS levels: Burst, Storm and Monsoon with RAM reaching up to 3.4GB, storage up to 90GB and bandwidth up to 2250GB. All 3 levels are fully managed and cost $50, 100, and $150, respectively.

3. Dedicated Hosting

If your site is very successful and popular, then kudos to you! High traffic to your site demands high bandwidth and storage capacity, security and increased performance, which can be attained with a dedicated server. WestHost offers fully managed dedicated servers of up to 50TB bandwidth and 24GB RAM. Prices range $195-$440 monthly.

Do the Offer a Guarantee?

WestHost are so confident about the quality of their services that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee eliminating the risk for their customers. You can cancel after the 60-day period you may get a partial refund. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal or by check. The company is offering discounts or coupons which you can find at the top of this page.

WestHost is operated by UK2Group, which controls the following brands

What Are Others Saying? Testimonials – Comments – Feedback

Reviews are mixed for this company. While there are certainly some satisfied customers, like the following who said:

"I don't know what else to say - but they rock. Network speed and reliability of the servers. Daily backups. Live chat, online manuals, newsletters, all the apps I need. Great choice for any serious business",

almost half of the 50+ reviews I read did convey a great deal of dissatisfaction. The reviews seem to agree on the following:

  • The prices are competitive as they are really low. Some customers believe that price is what mainly differentiates Westhost from other companies.
  • Support and staff are good in general. They are prompt to answer your questions.
  • Prior to 2008, Westhosting was better. Many customers comment on the effect of Westhost's new leadership on the reliability of the company with this case being the most representative. Take a look at these 2003 Westhost reviews and then these and these 2008-2011 reviews and notice the problems people are facing. Many past customers left this hosting company because they felt the service declined dramatically after being acquired by UK2 Group in 2008.
  • Reliability of their servers is not the desired one. When their servers are up, there are no issues with speed. However, there have been several cases of extended downtime and comments like the following abound: "44+ contiguous hours of down time", "the site is down again". One customer said the 10-hour downtime cost his company thousands of dollars. Another customer accused Westhost of pulling a bait and switch. Everything was fine until the 60-days were over, then there was nothing but problems and they refused to refund the unused portion of his membership.

Any Promotional Coupons for Westhost? How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of Westhost, we regularly check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any Westhost coupon codes or discounts available today you will find them at the top of this page.


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