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My WeWOOD Review - Why You Should Buy a  WeWOOD Wooden Watch

WeWOOD is an innovative company that designs watches made completely out of wood. Their motto is “One watch. One tree. One planet.” The environmentally friendly philosophy of the company includes planting and caring for trees.

WeWOOD is a very young company. The first wooden watch was designed in Italy in 2010. A few months later a US branch was opened in California which immediately partnered with American Forests. One tree is planted every time a watch is sold.

Each timepiece is crafted mostly from scrap-wood and implements state-of-the-art Miyota movements on the inside. This results in beautiful, earth-friendly watch that is splash-proof. Styles include:

Is a WeWOOD watch worth it? - Key Features and Benefits

weWood Watches

  • The main difference between this company and other watch companies is their approach to nature. For every watch they sell a tree is planted. Even though they do not cut down any trees to make the watch. Most of the wood is scrap wood, not rotten, just left over from some other company's project.
  • All of the watches are hypo-allergenic. Even the most sensitive skin will not be bothered by wearing one of these.
  • There are no harsh chemicals used in the production. This makes every watch completely free of any toxins.
  • The movement is from Miyota. Miyota is a leader in producing high quality watch movements, so you never have to worry about not having the right time.
  • In addition to planting trees, they work closely with American Forests to keep all forest healthy.

Why You Will Love WeWOOD Watches More than Other Watches

WeWOOD watches are not just beautiful in their design, eco-friendly, and splash proof. When you buy a watch, the company invests your money in making our planet better. I was so impressed by their attitude towards the environment. We all need trees to survive. Seeing a company that takes this to heart and takes positive action to ensure forests survive is very refreshing.

How Does a WeWOOD Watch Look Like?

Take a look at this great video by blogger John Chow to see how a typical watch from WeWOOD looks like.

WeWOOD Watches Cons – Disadvantages

I personally love wooden watches. However, some people may think there are negative things about a wooden watch:

  • It is a little wacky. Having a big wooden watch on your wrist is not right for everyone.
  • There are very few styles. Since the company is still very new, more choices might be added when they have been in business longer. Right now there are only a few styles and colors to choose from.

Competitors of WeWOOD

Major competitors of WeWOOD include:

How Does WeWOOD Compare to Similar Merchants?

I looked at two other wooden watch companies which are in direct competition to WeWOOD.

The first company I looked at was Tense Wooden Watches which offers a full range of watches and other wooden accessories. What makes them different from WeWOOD is the vast array of varieties and interesting styles. They have three major watch categories – natural, unique and elegant, as well as a selection of watches for women, which WeWOOD does not offer. They also have a full line of other products, such as clocks, bangles, beads and watches with digital read outs.  While their prices are a little lower, if you use WeWOOD's coupon codes you will end up paying less than you would if you bought a Tense wooden watch. Just like WeWOOD, Tense also uses the Miyota movement in their watches.

The second company I researched was Wooden Watches. They carry a full line of wooden watches for men and women, wooden clocks and wooden pendant watches. They have very unique designs and the prices are about half of those of WeWOOD, and shipping, both domestic and international is included in the price. All orders are insured and come with a thirty day money back guarantee. However, they don't tell you much about themselves, only that they have been in business since 2002, where WeWOOD tells you exactly how they got started and how dedicated they are to the environment.

What is the Cost?

You can get a wooden watch from $119 to $139. Styles you will find include:

  • Limited edition WeWOOD Jupiter brown = $139
  • Limited edition WeWOOD Jupiter black = $139
  • Limited edition WeWOOD Jupiter beige = $139
  • WeWOOD DATE beige/brown = $119
  • WeWOOD DATE beige/army = $119
  • WeWOOD DATE brown/army = $119

At checkout, there was only one shipping option, DHL and the cost is a flat charge of $25, no matter how many items you order. All orders are in pre-order state, meaning that each watch is custom made after you order, which means it can take a month or more to receive your watch.

You can pay either by paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

If you want to return the watch, you may, but not for cash. You can exchange it or get a store credit.

Any Promotional Coupons for WeWOOD? How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of We-WOOD, we regularly contact them to check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any We-WOOD coupon codes or discounts available currently you will find them at the top of this page.

The watch broke in 2 weeks and they won't honor their warrenty

The watch broke in two weeks and when I called them to get it repaired or replace the customer service person told me it would cost $40 and they would not honor the warranty even though it was purchased new. She said it had to be purchased from an authorized dealer but they don't have a list of who is authorized anywhere.

Bad company parading around like a socially conscious organization. Bad business.

where can I buy this WeWood watch

they seem to be sold out
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• 100% Wood

• Hypo-allergenic

• Completely free of toxic chemicals

• FEATURES TWO Miyota movements

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