What You Need to Know About Healthy Eating

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What do you know about healthy eating? Have you experienced seeking advice from medical experts or people who have succeeded in losing weight?

Preparing a healthy food plan is no longer a difficult task with the advent of the Internet. Healthy recipes are everywhere in blogs, news articles, and the likes.

Furthermore, you may no longer need to hire a nutritionist to fix your diet. Almost all health concerns are now answerable by self-help books and DIY guides.

However, there could be a lot of unsolicited and terrible advice about healthy eating too. The thing is what we usually do is just follow the norm and conform.

Beginners feel the need to do just about any workout routine or diet plan in front of them. Although this could work for some, we still have to understand that following a healthy lifestyle needs careful planning too.

Moreover, we have to set our goals and minds to achieving them fully. This includes the understanding that a healthy body is more attainable only if backed up by regular exercise. Don’t worry; I will not be talking about the need to set up your gym or keep adjustable dumbbells.

Our Target

This article is concentrated on the things you need to know about health regarding eating. In a more detailed sense, it aims to debunk your misconceptions and wrong notions about “proper diet.”

Also, know that the “misconceptions” or “myths” mentioned in this article are those that we usually hear from others. We do not intend to fight them and their beliefs if what they think works for them.

Likewise, we do not want to directly dictate what you need and need not eat. We want to learn facts that are scientifically based and proven rather than trust hearsays. After all, we all have one goal— have a healthier well being.

So let us get to the myths, shall we?

Misconceptions on Healthy Eating (Kerri Ann Jennings M.S., R.D., Food Network)

The first one is fascinating.

Most of us, in not all of us, have known and believed that carbohydrates are bad for our health. However, we tend to forget that it is essential to achieve a well-balanced diet too.

So could this be the excuse (you have been waiting for your whole life) for you to go carb loading? Well, not exactly. To keep your body systems intact, you have got to get the “healthier” version of carbs found in selected foods. These foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans and the likes.

Second is the belief that an all-veggie diet is automatically healthy.

You have to remember that all kinds of food have to be followed in moderation. You also have to consider all the types of food included in each of your meals.

Even if you decide to be going on an all-veggie plan, doing away with meat entirely could be risky. Protein from all kinds of meat is necessary for the body. If you intend on going vegetarian thinking you could eat everything else that isn’t meat, well you are strongly mistaken.

The third one is all about eggs.

You have probably heard that it is unhealthy to eat the egg yolk part. Consequently, you would think that you should only be eating the egg whites.

If this is what you have believed in, well then you are, again, mistaken. The whole egg contains the calcium, iron and vitamin B which are all necessities to keep an active lifestyle. This means you don’t have to separate the two always.

The fourth is about dealing with processed foods.

We have always been taught that all processed foods are bad for the health.

We should be more devoted to eating fresh, yes. However, we have to admit that processed foods are convenient foods. They are perfect for those who are always on the go.

The point is, we can forgive ourselves and take advantage of these foods without feeling guilty of harming ourselves. Again, as long as we are taking it in moderation, we would be okay.

Fifth is about fruits having too much sugar.

Again, if we base it on facts, it is true that fructose (fruit sugar) could be harmful. However, the need for fruits in our diet is still undeniably significant. We could not easily do away with fruits because of the sugar as these things have other vitamins.


The list from Food Network goes on, and these five are just among the most common. By now you may be feeling a little confused by the seemingly opposing facts. But, remember that what matters more is that you’ve become more aware of the truth.

Let us not antagonize these “unhealthy foods” at once. You may have been depriving yourself of your favorites because you thought they could kill you. Well, now you can forgive yourself for giving in.

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Hi all, I’m Jake Tyler. From the age of 16, I have been a kickboxer, and I’ve built up an incredible passion for fitness & self-improvement. I’ve created Strongdaily.net for YOU to guide with the best tips in achieving your health & fitness goals.

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