Which Nutrisystem Plan Will Work for Me?

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Nutrisystem has four plans to choose from, if you have decided that the pre-packaged food will work for your dieting needs. The plans are Basic, Silver, Diabetic and Vegetarian.

The Basic Plan

The Basic plan is the easiest to follow, and is is structured around a 28-day plan of healthy meals. It includes foods that have good carbohydrates along with protein, which will enable you to feel like you're full, for a longer period of time. Nutrisystem's meals also are high in fiber, for healthy hearts. One entree for each meal, and add dairy and fruits or veggies from the store, to make a good meal. You eat less each meal, but you eat more times, to keep your energy levels up.

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The Silver Plan

The Silver plan is designed for people over fifty years old, and offers over 140 portioned foods that are easy to fix. In addition to good carbs and fiber with protein, these meals have a lower sodium level, lower cholesterol and less fat, for a healthier heart. The Silver plan's are also easy to follow, with foods that will give you that full feeling for a longer period of time. Add dairy, salads and fruits and veggies to your prepared entree, and you're ready for a great meal. You'll get to eat more often during the day, too, so you won't be hungry all the time.

The Diabetic Plan

Nutrisystem's Diabetic meal plan gives you delicious foods that will help you to lose weight and control your diabetes at the same time. It was proven in a clinical study that people who have type 2 diabetes and wanted to diet, used Nutrisystem foods and lowered their blood sugar levels, lowered their cholesterol and triglycerides, and enabled them to lose up to sixteen times as much weight as those not on Nutrisystem meals. This study took place at Temple University School of Medicine.

The Vegeterian Plan

Nutrisystem's vegetarian plan gives you all vegetarian meals, with no hassles of counting calories or measuring food. It offers you good carbs, and protein which will fill you up for longer time periods. Soluable fiber helps to promote a healthy heart. Add fruits and veggies to your prepared entree, and you have a healthy meal. Eat smaller meals more often to control hunger. Nutrisystem also has great desserts that don't taste like “diet desserts”.

Select the Nutrisystem plan that works for you. Speak to your doctor before starting any diet plan. If you're not happy with Nutrisystem meals, you can call and get a refund.

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