Why Playing Golf Helps You Lose Weight and Keep Fit

It is common knowledge that if we want to lose weight and stay healthy, physical activity needs to be included in our day to day lives. What a lot of people get confused with or sometimes misunderstand is that if you plan your day to day life properly and make the right decisions you can exercise without realising. Not only does this apply to using the stairs when at work rather than the elevator or walking home from the train station rather than getting a bus but also to when you participate in sports such as golf.

Golf is often taken up by individuals in later life which is probably when you need to focus more on keeping fit. After you bypass the 40/50 bracket your muscles can begin to wane leading to increase chances of disease and your bones become more fragile which can lead to an increased likelihood of fractures or breaks. When playing sports such as golf you should always make the workout as strenuous as possible.

Golf and the Aerobic Benefit

People often doubt how good golf can be as a weight loss programme and comment on how little value it has when in terms of conditioning but golfers who play 18 holes often walk between 4-6 miles in a session. This is a great form of aerobic exercise and it really helps get your blood pumping around your body.

The key factor when looking at aerobic exercise is to get your heart rate into the target zone which is around 55-85% of your maximum BPM (beats per minute) The longer you can sustain that exercise the more fat you will burn. Considering it takes around 4 hours to complete an 18-hole golf course, your heart should be near that region for a period of time. Carrying your golf bag doubles your workout. An average golf bag can weigh anything between 15 to 20 lbs so your body benefits from the constant picking it up and lugging it around the course.

Every weight loss program needs two main criteria: cardiovascular exercise and weight training, so in this sense Golf has a perfect setup. Resistance training and weight lifting combined with cardiovascular activity is proven to help you lose the most weight so think about that next time you step out onto the course.

Things to Avoid in Order to Keep the Health Benefits

Golf is not naturally a strenuous sport, which brings me back to making the right decisions in your day to day life. When playing golf the worst thing you can do if you are trying to stay healthy is to hire a golf buggy. Golf buggy’s mean that you restrict your walking to a very small amount and you never get your heart rate high enough to burn any fat.

Make the right decision and walk the course. When walking the course, you can burn enough calories to lose significant weight over the course of a summer. If you are a bit older and want to make a difference but struggle with keeping up for the entire 18 holes then consider playing a round of golf with the aid of an electric golf trolley. Electric golf trolleys are often gentle enough on your cardiovascular system so that you don’t feel too tired and over worked by walking and carrying a bag but they will help your respiratory system.

Another great positive about golf which is often overlooked is that it can help to improve your hand eye coordination and balance. These are all essential components of a fit and healthy body. Additionally, playing golf means that you are outdoors and are able to relax and take in the fresh air of your surroundings. You often go in groups so the conversation and laughter will help stimulate the mind and help push endorphins around the body.

Just remember, like anything in life, if you really want to succeed you have to be committed. So try to play golf and follow these tips three times a week to see a real difference in your weight.

This article was written by Caddiemaster who supply electric golf trolleys to the UK, Europe and the USA.

Hi, This is my first time


This is my first time here and I like your niche on exercise and health. I like golf but have not played sufficiently.

It is indeed a great workout if you walk the course. Not so with the buggy.

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