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You are very welcome to post an article on WeightLossTriumph! There is an editorial fee of $25.

Make sure your article is unique, relevant and interesting. Send me an email at matthewpap [at] gmail [dot] com.

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John, Send Your Articles

Hello John,

Thank you for your message. Feel free to send plenty of informative and well-written articles on the topic of plastic surgery or related topics. We will publish them all. Make sure your articles provide the exact information that your patients (and clients) would like to know.

Guest Post submitted

Hi Matthew - I've submitted a guest post for your review (via another email address) - on "what's wrong with the paleo diet". I hope you like it!

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Great Article, Thank You

Great article Neil, thank you. I published it here:



Lossing weight isnt that much hard with this,just can cost u some $'s

New Article on Weight Loss versus Weight Loss Patches

I emailed an article to you for publishing. I am glad I found this site! Thanks

2 articles sent

i just sent 2 more articles. let me know it i have to revise them. thanks!!

cahyo wijanarko

article sent

i just sent my revised article to your gmail account. thanks!

cahyo wijanarko

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Product Review

Hi Matthew,

I hope your well, I would like to add a product review on the Zumba Fitness game on the xbox which has helped me loose weight since starting it.

I have been using it for 5 months now, I would like to right a exclusive article regarding how it has helped me.

In the article would it be possible to link to my website on the subject of weight loss?

Kind Regards


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Zumba Fitness Review

data-scayt_word="Zumba" data-scaytid="1">Zumba Fitness Review That would be a great article Richard. Research it well and send it over. I will be happy to publish it. Make sure you explain how it helped you lose weight. Include links to your site, too.

Submit article

Hi Matthew, i want to ask you about guest posting - i want to write about burn fat build muscle, is it necessary to include META Tags?i'm not familiar about those things so how about that?can you accept without META Tag?

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James, About the Meta Tags

Hi James,

a meta tag is a description of your article using less than 164 characters. Just write two sentences that describe what your article is about.

article sent

hi! my name is cahyo wijanarko and i just sent an article from my email cahyoajadeh@gmail.com. thanks!!

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Thank you Cahyo!

Thank you for your article Cahyo. I will check it out and let you know.

Guest Post Soon

Hey Matt, Hey Matt I have a guest post for you in the works and will be sending it over very soon! I might have already emailed you regarding this but not sure. It's a weight loss scheduling post and should be ready soon for weight loss triumph so keep your eyes peeled! Okay then I'll be in touch and thanks for putting up such a socially susceptible site for new site owners/bloggers such as myself.

Thanks again,

Dan fitnessandweightlosscentral.com

Guest Posting


I'm launching a weight loss review website and would like to see if you're still accepting guest posters. If so, I'll start sending you some great posts as soon as I finish with the launch.


what is the format?

how should i send my articles? is it okay if i send it in html format and attach the image?

Just for fun

This is a good site but I don't write in this niche.
So sorry that I couldn't contribute to this site.

Guest Posting

My name is Sherryl and I am the owner of WeightLossDietsandPlans.com I am in the process of writing an article to guest post on your blog. I would like to invite you and any of your guest bloggers to submit an article to our site as well. Thank You and have a nice day :-) Sherryl

Follow up to my previous e-mail


This is a follow up to my previous e-mail regarding the feedback of the post that I submitted for review. It’s been couple of days since I last mailed you my post but unfortunately I have been unable to receive any reply from your end.
Please let me know when the post will go live.


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Hi Karien,sorry for my late

Hi Karien,

sorry for my late reply. Thank you so much for your article.

I would love to publish an article from you, but the topic must be in accordance with the guidelines described on this page. Unfortunately, your article was another "weight-loss-guide" type of article that explained how you can lose weight by having short and realistic goals, eat fruits and veggies, drink 8-10 glasses of water, etc.

The web is saturated with this type of articles. Nobody will benefit if we publish one more article of this kind. Feel free to write a different article. Something more unique and I will publish it in a heartbeat.

Article Submitted

Hi, I have mailed you my article on "Weight-Loss Guide: The Key to weight loss!". Please find the decided piece in the given attached doc file. I would really appreciate if I could know the date when the post would be live. Let me know if anything else is required too. Thanks, Karien

Guest post


If you ever do diet/weight loss program feature, then I’d like to pitch Eat Stop Eat
(www.eatstopeat.com /www.eatstopeat.us) to you. We actually got some TV coverage,
like the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, but our blog coverage has been lacking.

What is Eat Stop Eat? It is a method of 24-hour fasting and weight
training that was designed by a canadian research scientist (his name is Brad Pilon) in 2008.

Our followers, both men and women, usually do 1 or 2 fasts during a
week to burn calories and some workouts to build muscle mass. This
method is backed up by nutrition science and for last years we got
6,000+ positive feedbacks. So, it's a unique weight loss solution that works.

And, is it possible to write a guest post for you?



As we start aging, our bodies tend to work not as effectively as it used to. Many metabolic activities like digestion, healing power become less efficient. Physical strength, and even mental alertness and capabilities start to decline. For some people this process is late, while for other people with illness and chronic diseases or sub-optimal health, these functions and metabolic activities start to decline way before than what is expected. Some of those diseases are diabetes, BP etc. There are many factors and aids which are identified by scientists are available abundant in market which can improve and prolong ones physical and mental functions. Some of the factors like, regular exercise, healthy diet, and a stress free life all give a long term health. Such factors can be called memory supplements.


Working out with baby

Good Morning,
I would love to compose an article for you regarding the use of mobile devices in weightloss (such as smart phone apps). It will be completely original and all we request is 1-2 backlinks in the author info. Would you be interested?

Thank you,

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Yes, Brandy. Send Me Your Article

Brandy, please, send me your article.

Guest Post Submission

Wanted to drop you a line to follow up on a guest post submission. I sent one over a few days ago, and wanted to make certain it was received. Look forward to your feedback! Thanks!

Status of My Guest Post?

Hi Matthew,

I submitted my guest post around 12 days back and am yet to hera from you. May I pls know when can I expect it?


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Brenda Your Article is Live

Guest post for your blog

My name is Karien and I work for diyhealth.com. I’m trying to grow it by reaching out to other bloggers. I’ve been reading your site weightlosstriumph.com some time and I’m a big fan. My favorite article of late was “Top 5 Ways to Pay for Weight Loss Surgery”. I’m interested in writing a guest post for you — something you’ve never posted on — and I have some ideas that I think your readers would love:

1. Weight-Loss Guide: The Key to weight loss!
2. Losing Weight: What is the reason for its failure?
3. Weight loss And Exercising in the Morning!

I know you’re busy, so I can write everything up and send it to you in one document, which you can drop right into WordPress. I’ll handle all editing, bylines, etc (feel free to edit) so this is super-easy for you. Plus, I promise the guest posts will get your readers thinking and talking to each other.
All I want is li’l credit in terms of two backlinks in author’s bio and no link would be embedded anywhere in the content.
Let me know what you think of the same.


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Send Us The Article Karien

I would love to publish all your articles Karien.

Guest Writer Request

Good Morning, My name is Kenneth Elliott and I own balancebiketrainer.com. I would like to contribute an article on childhood obesity and the use of balance bikes to get children in the mode of riding bikes as a lifestyle. Would you be interested in such an article? If so, I would like to become a guest writing and put this article together for your site. Thanks, Kenneth Elliott

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Send Us The Article Kenneth!

Hello Kenneth,

I would love to publish your article! It is an interesting topic. It needs to be original, too. Send it over.

Guest Posting

Hi Matthew-- I wrote a blog post which you published a few months ago about the new rules for lap band surgery.

I emailed another post over a week ago, and sent a follow up email-- haven't heard anything. I'm hoping you're on vacation and that I did not somehow get your email address wrong. Can you please check it out and let me know if/when you will use the post? "Food as a Drug of Choice"

Thanks, Denise

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Denise, Send Me the Article

Hi Denise,

I am looking forward to your article as we agreed in our email conversation.

Guest Posting Request


My name is Brenda Lyttle and I’m dropping you a line to see if you accept guest bloggers on BLOG NAME. I write about fitness and weight loss; and I thought an article about the same would be a good fit for your blog.

The post will be 100% original, written just for your blog and will not be posted elsewhere. If you’re interested in this, please get back to me.

Brenda Lyttle

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Yes, Please, Email The Article

Hi Brenda,

please, email me the article.




I also submitted an article on intermittent fasting.


I just submitted an article on the african mango ingredient.

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Thank your Mike

Thank you for your contribution. Here is your article


I am trying to upload an

I am trying to upload an article to your site. I don't see where to do it. All I get when I login is a directory listing of images.

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How to Upload the Article

All you need to do is find the login box which is currently at the bottom of the site. Just scroll down and you will see it on your left. Register there and upload your article.

Hi there, http://weightlosstri is well done, I have a question.


I just came across your site and was wondering whether you would be interested in a free article.

I have a website on a similar subject (http://cycling-review.com/) and would be able to write a unique, informative article that would suit your audience.

The type of article I would have in mind would relate to tips and hints regard the use of indoor bike trainers and would be a minimum of 500 words. The article, if accepted by you, would be exclusive to your website. I am well aware of how Google dislikes duplicate content.

All I ask in return is to include 2 or 3 links in the article back to my website. If you are interested please let me know and I will get to work writing up this article for you.

Ron Fritzke

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Yes, Send Us Your Article

Hi Ron,

yes, please, register and upload your article and we will post it on the site.

Guest Posting Request

Hello, My name is Linda Albert and I work for thepregnancyzone.com, which is part of Expedient Info Media Network, with more than 24 popular sites. I have been reading the content on your website and find it extremely interesting. As a keen writer, I was wondering whether you would consider allowing me to write a guest post for your site. As the guest posts would be unique and informative on the topic you choose, they would be really beneficial to your readers. I would be happy to promote the guest post/your website on our social media platforms such as face book, twitter and rating sites such as stumble upon, Digg which will help your site gain further recognition. Further, as we both deal with a few similar topics, I was wondering if you could add our blog in your website/blog as it would greatly benefit your visitors with our featured content on various topics. Please let me know if this is a possibility or if you have any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time. Kind Regards, Linda Albert Assistant Editor Expedient Info Media.


What's a Girl to Do?

I am so very happy I came upon this site.  Surfing the net tonight I came across the Medifast website and found the courage to make an appt for next week. 

I've been battling with my weight for 3 years now along with high blood pressure which I cannot seem to control.  My weight continues to increase - even though I walk every day and try to watch what I eat. 

I am at 201 pounds today and I am going to lose 50 pounds.  Wish me well.

Lap Band Surgery: the New Rules

Hi-- Submitted an article last week about lap band surgery-- the new FDA rules, and the procedure and going forward.
Please check it out and approve it for me?
Thanks, Denise

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Article Published

Hi Denise,

your article is approved and published.


Thank you for your contribution.

Disclosure: We review and test many products on this site. Nobody pays us to review their product. However, if you end up purchasing one of these products we sometimes receive a small fee from the merchant. This helps to keep the site maintained and running.

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