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My Small Business Yahoo! Review

The small business web hosting service offered by Yahoo! is only part of the internet giant. What started as a search engine and portal company has grown into one of the biggest internet companies in the world. With their web hosting service you get everything you need to launch a web site easily and hassle free.

They offer professional tools to help you get started. You do not need to know one piece of HTML code to launch a professional, high class web site. They have all the tools you need for a simple web presence, an ecommerce store or to promote your brick and mortar business. Aside from web hosting, they offer free email, news, in-depth financial reports and the latest sports statistics. Their web hosting plans include:

  • Web hosting
  • Web design gallery
  • Ecommerce
  • Business email
  • Domains
  • Online marketing solutions
  • Small business adviser

Is Yahoo! Small Business Worth It? Key Features and Benefits

Here is a detailed review of Yahoo Web Hosting and Yahoo Small Business (Merchant Solutions) by

I have been hosting with Yahoo for about ten years. I haven't had any problems with downtime. I find their service to be reliable and very easy to use. I wouldn't consider switching to any other web hosting company.

Here are a few things that differentiate Yahoo! Small business web hosting from other providers.

  • Expertise. This is not just a web hosting provider. Yahoo is a search engine primarily, and a  huge web portal. They have great knowledge and they allow you to leverage their expertise.
  • Site building tools. They offer a full line of templates and step by step instructions to help the most novice web designers create beautiful websites.
  • Web master tools. With the tools and add-ons you can customize your site any way you like. You can add a counter, animated gifs and many other features to make your site stand apart from the rest.
  • Site statistics. As soon as you open your control panel you can see detailed statistics about the visitors your site has received. How in-depth the details are depends on your plan, but even the lowest priced plan gives you a report on how many daily views you received.
  • Very little downtime. If your plan has enough bandwidth to accommodate the amount of traffic you receive, your visitors will never be turned away because your site is down.

My favorite feature is the easy upload. If you have your own web designing program you can quickly and easily upload your files and your site is updated immediately. You also have the option of uploading with FTP. Whichever is easier for you.

Yahoo! Small Business Cons - Disadvantages

I believe Yahoo Web Hosting would be more competitive if they improved in the following two areas.

  1. The Cost. With $9.95 per month for a 1-year term, Yahoo is a little pricey. Bluehost costs $6.95/mo for a 12-month package and $5.95 for a 2-year package. Hostgator starts as low as $3.96/mo.
  2. The Online Support. While Yahoo has excellent phone service, some people would rather use a chatting support system. Calling 1-800 from overseas can be quite expensive.

What Web Hosting Companies Might be Better Than Yahoo! Small Business?

There are many companies in competition to Yahoo! Small Business. These include:

How Does Yahoo Web Host Compare to other Hosts?

I looked at two different web hosting companies which are in direct competition to Yahoo!

Compare Yahoo Small Business/Web Host to Green Geeks

The first company I looked into was Green Geeks Web Hosting. The biggest feature that sets them apart from Yahoo! is that their plans include a free domain for life. Their one plan suits all includes all of the features a web designer can imagine. This plan has more tools and features for half the price of what Yahoo! charges. Compared to Yahoo! Green Geeks was rated as having a better up time score and faster up time, as well. Both companies offer excellent customer support and easy access to a knowledge base filled with common problems and issues.

Compare Yahoo Small Business/Web Host to Hostmonster

The second web hosting company I researched was Hostmonster. For the same special features, Hostmonster is less than half the cost compared to Yahoo! Both companies offer excellent customer service, but Hostmonster is rated as having more reliable up time and faster up time. Both companies offer marketing credits and site builder tools, so even a novice can design professional looking web sites. Hostmonster uses a cPanel format for editing and upgrading, which may be an industry leader in web design, but is a little more complicated to use than the Yahoo! easy upload system.

What is the Cost?

Yahoo! Web hosting plans start at $9.95 when bought for a one-year term. You get the first 3 months at a discount, but after that the price is $9.95 per month for the rest of the year. If you have a coupon you can use it towards the final cost. Other price plans include:

  • Three month term = $8.96 for the first 3 months, $11.95 per month if you renew for another 3 month term
  • One month plan = $12.95
  • One year plan = $7.46 for the first 3 months, $9.95 per month for the remaining months

You are paying for space on the internet, so there aren't any shipping costs. You can pay with your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card or with Paypal. Yahoo! offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you cancel within 30 days you get back all fees except for the $7 domain registration fee.

What are Other Saying? Testimonials – Comments – Feedback

Yahoo! has not made it to the top 10 web hosting companies on the internet for December 2011, according to, an authority in web hosting evaluation. While many customers are happy with their service, many others prefer one of the other companies. Yahoo! customers find uploading files with the easy upload tool and managing files with file manager easier than the tools offered by the other companies. One customer was very impressed with the bonus PPC advertising credits. Another was extremely happy with the unlimited transfer and space available.

Any Promotional Coupons for Yahoo Domains - Yahoo Web Hosting - Yahoo Small Business? How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of Yahoo, we regularly check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any Yahoo domain coupon codes, Yahoo web hosting coupons or Yahoo Small Business coupons available today you will find them at the top of this page.

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