Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel Review

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If you are on the hunt for a fitness product or accessory to help you reach your weight loss goals, this can be quite time consuming. The fitness industry today encompasses everything from electronics to apparel and because of this your choices and options will seem literally endless.

Depending on the type of fitness you are interested in taking part in; you will need different equipment and accessories. This review is focused on "Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towels". This is an incredibly popular product for yoga fanatics and beginners alike. Allow me to guide you through the specifics of this product.

How Do "Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel" Work?

Yoga is a fitness regime that simply cannot be done without a yoga or exercise mat of some sort. Even if you are going to be working out on your living room carpet, you will need a skid resistant surface to prevent injuries.

The "Yogitoes Mat-Size Yoga Towel" has been made with eco-friendly silicone grips to help keep the mat from slipping during your workout. It is an 80/20 polyester and nylon blend which makes it incredibly absorbent to keep you dry during your workout.

Also, there is nothing better than having the ability to wash your yoga mat and this product is 100% washable and can be put into the dryer without fear. With a size of 24 x 68 inches, you are receiving nothing but the best in yoga accessories with this product.

What Are Others Saying- Do the "Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towels" Really Deliver?

Doing your research before deciding on a product is essential in the world of fitness equipment, especially when the variety is so vast. You don’t want to waste money on the wrong products and this is where I can help. After reading through literally hundreds of user experiences and opinions I’ve found some information that can help you learn more about this product.

For example, you may not have thought about what can happen on a rubber mat when your sweat begins to drip on it. It can become slippery, not allowing you to complete the movements but with the "Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towels", it is not slippery at all and a first-time user named MyHumbleOpinion completely agrees with this.

Merope from New Mexico admits she uses the mat with the silicone nubs facing up instead of down because this helps her keep balance during the yoga or Pilates workouts.

Lastly, JHS is a first-time user like yourself who found this mat fits perfectly over an existing yoga mat. This allows you to have the skid-free workout as well as the cushion from traditional yoga mats.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Men and women alike know that Yoga and Pilates are both extremely popular fitness regimes but you may have not considered them to be great weight loss tools in the past. The truth is that either of these practices can be the perfect weight loss program if you are consistent with it.

Although you may be under the impression that Yoga is about relaxation, it also is a complete body workout that will test muscles you didn’t even know you had! The "Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel" can help you perform at your best during your sessions

In that way you don’t have to worry about your mat slipping out from under your or your sweat turning it into a slippery accident. With this being said, this accessory has the potential to help you meet your goal weight.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Comes in a large variety of colors
  • Fits directly over an existing yoga mat
  • Prevents slipping during workouts


  • When washed, the colors bleed into the wash
  • It may not be 100% Skidless for all users (size and activity level become a factor)

Problems and Complaints

There were two common complaints associated with this product. The first being there were some users who still experienced slipping during their workouts. This is the nature of the product. It really depends on if you are utilizing quick movements that may cause your mat to move during the exercise and size can be a factor with this as well.

Secondly, when washing this product it will bleed into your wash so it is important to follow the washing directions exactly in order to avoid staining other pieces of clothing in the process. These two complaints are quite small but still should be considered.

Do I Require a Second "Yoga Mat" When Using this Product?

This is an excellent question to ask prior to purchase but one that is definitely a personal preference. If you require only a surface to help you stay balanced and avoid slipping than this "Yogitoes Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel" is all you will need.

If you find surfaces to be too hard to enjoy your workout routine, you may want to consider adding a more padded yoga mat underneath your "Yogitoes Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel" for additional comfort. Remember your "Yogitoes mat" will fit perfectly over top a standard yoga mat for a perfect solution.

How Does "Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towels" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product received a 4 star rating on Amazon.com. This high rating is based on satisfied customers who have not only bought one Yogitoes mat but several! After using this mat only once you will see why thousands of people can no longer practice yoga without it.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel"?

If you are interested in trying the "Premium Yoga Towel" for yourself, you can buy this product at a 21% discounted price through Amazon.com. Here you can read more reviews and learn a great deal about the product through the eyes of first-time users like yourself.

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