6 Ways to Stay Motivated and Stick with Your Exercise Goals Regularly

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Beginning or getting back to an exercise routine generally involves something more just scheduling your workouts or joining a gym. In fact it’s entirely possible to join a gym and never turn up, even as these monthly payments are shown up in the bank statements. A regular exercise regimen makes you stronger and helps you feel really great. An exercise routine that works for you generally turns out many benefits beyond becoming toned and lean, but always keeping up with it does not seem to be easy always. Given below are the five different ways you can stick to a healthy ritual.

Going and doing a simple warm up: It happens to the best of us. We get into a routine and get excited that will help us in bring a change. However after a certain period of time practice begins to get tough. When it’s getting hard to begin with the entire process gets things clear. Keep telling yourself you will just do a warm up when you go to the gym. Getting yourself on the hard track can turn out to be the hardest thing for a few days.

Assess your motivation: While starting a fitness program reflects on the various reasons you actually wish to exercise. Is it to ease down the pain? Is it to reduce the body fat and pain enjoy more freedom in movement? To be able to pick your grandchildren? Or perhaps did the doctor direct you with some exercise. Your level of motivation can help you determine how much or how little accountability you actually need for your body. It is also the very thing that will help you get out of your bed in the morning when you would rather prefer to sleep in. It will bring you back in especially when life gets in a way and you have missed out a few days. Assess your motivation and clearly state why the exercise is important for you.

Stay in the moment: Picture this, you are at a party and you have actually promised yourself you won’t attack the buffet like a starving lunatic. Then you see a giant platter of the prettiest, most cheesy cubes you have encountered. Several hours later feeling your cheese hangover begin you wow to make it up for tomorrow with a two hours of workout. There are couple of problems with this kind of an approach like you cannot un - eat what you have eaten in the night, second killing yourself with a work out is no more a solution since it makes you hate exercise even more. If you are busy living in making yesterday mistakes most of your decisions here will be based on your guilt and shame rather than what you genuinely want in order to reach the marketing goals. True goals generally come from the choices and being mindful basing choices on what you need to know.

Finding a trainer for yourself: If you really don’t know what exactly you have been doing when you go to the gym, it’s always good that you find someone who does. Your trainer is the one who can teach you what exactly you need to do and what muscles to work. Your trainer can here teach you how you can be safe and correct your form when doing a repetition incorrectly. This can save your time and energy in a very long run.

Do something you enjoy: Too many people make the mistake that working out on regular basis must seem to be brutal, boring and yes exhausting enough too. There is no other way to make going to the gym fun especially when your approach is getting shaped in this way. There are plenty of exercises and sports available online or at the fitness centers helping you in burning the calories at ease.

Getting to know yourself: If you have never been much of an exercise or athlete then now is the right time for you to discover new things about you. Think of this as a learning period, and if you have fallen of track because you are bored with the same routine then you have just learned something about yourself, say for example you hate treadmill workouts or that doing work out videos at home blows. Spend some time asking yourself the following questions.

  1. What do you like to do in terms of workouts?
  2. What do you hate about workouts?
  3. Which is your least favourite exercise or activity?
  4. When is your favourite time when you enjoy doing exercise?
  5. If you choose to do a physical activity what will you like to do?
  6. Do you enjoy working out with others or prefer to be alone?

To conclude making exercise a daily habit is one of the best ways you can help in keeping yourself strong. So take time to decide what exactly it takes to get you motivated, having a plan that will help you stick with it.

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Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides. Beside work he is a fitness freak and a Marathon runner. He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.


Great article :)

Hi Jessica,

I really like the idea of having people do an assessment of there workouts to see what they truly enjoy. Many people wont go in the gym because it's boring and when your bored your workouts will never be good.

Don't like running? Join a soccer team! etc

Your article is a life saver!

Your article is a life saver! I recently stop working out because of lack of motivation and I find working out boring and exhausting. Your article inspired me to get back to working out and to actually enjoy exercising. I will do lighter exercises so I can enjoy working out and not hurt myself. I will also find a trainer so he/she can advise me on what level of intensity should I do and guide me while working out. Thanks to you I will get back in shape. You rock!

Finding a trainer for yuorself

Honestly, I am impressed with the motivational guide while working out. There are instances where one works out only to loose hope along the way. As a result, I concur with the tip that one should get a trainer for themselves. This is an excellent way of ensuring that the right form of training is embraced at the gym. On this note Jessica, which training techniques do you recommend when one wants to shred more belly fat? I would be glad to hear from you.

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