6 Ways To Wake Up Early Without Feeling Tired

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Nothing is more annoying than waking up early in the morning feeling tired. It is very common to wake feeling like you have just finished a 40-kilometer marathon and this is regardless of the fact that you have been lying on your comfortable bed for several hours. If you wake up feeling tired, you will not have a productive day. And this is because how you feel in the morning is what determines the type of day you will have. However, there is hope because if you do the following six things you will wake up early without feeling tired.

#1 Create a Consistent Schedule

Most people think that just having eight hours of sleep every day is enough. Although this is right to some extent, research proves that a routine sleep schedule is more important that the number of hours you sleep. It is possible to sleep for eight hours and still wake up feeling groggy and tired. And so the most important thing is to create a sleep schedule and ensure that you follow it by going bed at the same time every day. Even if you only sleep for seven hours but you follow a program you will not wake up feeling tired.

#2 Avoid Drinking Caffeine and Alcohol at Night

If you wish to wake up feeling fresh, you should not drink any alcohol or coffee at night because they will upset your gut and prevent you from sleeping well. Coffee is a stimulant, and so it will not only prevent you from sleeping, but it will also interfere with your deep sleep. Alcohol also interferes with your REM sleep and so the next morning you will wake up feeling tired. Scientific research also proves that the two will upset your intestines, and so you will keep waking up at night and have a very light sleep. 

#3 Go to the Bathroom before you Sleep

Just like most people you probably go to the toilet before climbing into the bed but you remain awake for several hours reading or watching television. Instead, you should go to the bathroom once you decide to sleep even if you do not feel like it and squeeze out the little liquid in your bladder. Failure to go to the toilet means that you will have to wake up in the middle of the night, and this will interrupt your sleep. Even if you sleep for many hours, you might still wake up tired because continuous and uninterrupted sleep is more important than the hours you spend in bed. 

#4 Relax Before Going to Bed

No matter how anxious or stressed you are, it is important to ensure that you relax before going to bed if you want to wake up early feeling fresh. You can meditate, pray or do anything else that will calm you as this is the only way to get rid of all the worries on your mind. Relaxing your body and mind is the best way to prepare for a comfortable sleep. You should not just sit on the bed worrying about things and instead focus on calming your nerves so that you can get a comfortable and refreshing rest. 

#5 Organize your Room

Sleep experts often advise people to arrange their rooms according to the Feng Shui principles, but most tend to ignore this. If you do not know what Feng Shui is, you will probably also ignore it, but it is very beneficial. Feng Shui entails organizing your bedroom furniture’s to balance the energy, and it can include positioning the bed where you can see the door so as to get a sense of security. It is also vital to organize your bed by ensuring that you have a pillow to support your sleep and some nice sheets for maximum comfort. Also get rid of anything in the room that might distract you or prevent you from falling asleep.

#6 Set the Right Temperature

Your bedroom and bed should not be too cold and neither should they be too hot. Getting the right temperature balance is vital if you want to wake up early without feeling tired. Having the right temperature balance will prevent your energies from spiking. You can achieve this with your air conditioner or by finding a balance between clothes and beddings that work for your body. 

Waking up early feeling tired will ruin your day, and so you have to ensure that you do everything possible to prevent it. With the six things above in mind, this should not be a problem, but there are many other things that you should do to achieve the same result such as avoiding big meals before bed and taking a warm shower. However, it is important to try out many of them because you might not know what works for you until you try.

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Jane Collins is a main editor at g9sleeptight.com, a blog dedicated to providing many useful tips to help people have a better sleep.

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i always try to wake up early and i always failed but after read your article i can sure that i can awake early so a big thanks to you and your team for sharing such a informative article with us..

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Thanks to share this

Thanks to share this excellent article.Few days ago when i get up early i fell so much tired and lazy but now i have get rid this.Because i apply your advice and got a good result!



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