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How Olympic Rivalry Can Motivate You to Better Fitness

The Olympics are an epic display of rivalry where years of competition between athletes culminate to a single moment of winner takes all. We’ve seen some great rivalries in Rio, Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos in the 200 metre butterfly, and the British and Australian men’s cycling team pursuits, but can this kind of competition help motivate the ‘Average Joe'? The biological and psychological responses that occur from rivalry are not unique to the herculean contests seen in the Olympics, it’s part of human nature. And we can use this to help motivate our every day efforts of becoming slimmer, fitter or stronger. Here’s how. 


What is rivalry?

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7 Reasons Why a Retreat Will Benefit Your Life

Finding yourself overwhelmed by the daily worries and stress of today’s fast-paced modern world is easy. Our ‘to-do lists’ seem never-ending and burden us with seemingly unachievable tasks that our mobile devices serve to continuously feed. In a day where we can be reached around the clock it can at times feel as though there is nowhere to hide.

Just trying to keep on top of everything can be exhausting and it can feel as though there are just not enough hours in the day! We are rarely gifted opportunity to take a deep breath and relax before one day ends and another, much the same, begins.

Our bodies and minds, worn down by the daily urban grind, are deprived of enough time to rest and recover. The constant rush makes it easy to pick up bad eating habits and more difficult to make time for exercise.

A health retreat can be a perfect solution to recuperate, revitalise and learn how to establish or re-establish good habits to boost your overall health and wellness.

Offered at some most beautiful locations on the planet, a temporary retreat can yield permanent benefits that you will take home.

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