Does Medifast Work?

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It works if you stick to it. If you stick to the plan, the weight basically vanishes. As one Medifast user said: "When I stay on plan I feel really great and the weight pretty much falls off".

I found tons and tons of blog posts and forum comments all over the web talking about how well the Medifast diet works. Here is a small sample of what people are saying:


I started Medifast a few weeks ago and currently down 15lbs! Clothing fits better and I feel great. I think this is a GREAT diet. I highly recommend trying it. – Kathy

Just completed 5 weeks, down 18 lbs., 40 more to go. I haven't felt this good in years. I'm in my early 50s, menopausal (natural roadblock for women losing weight), and the weight is just melting off of me. I've tried almost every other diet there is, with Phentermine being the only thing that gave me similar results 12 yrs ago (but I hated the side effects and gained back all).– Deester

The quick weight loss is a morale booster to keep on going. – Nancy

I lost 40 pounds on Medifast and kept it off for the last year. It is hands down the best diet I’ve ever been on, and the only one I was able to stick to. I failed miserably on Atkins and South Beach (too restrictive), Weight Watchers (too many choices, too complicated), NutriSystem (food was gross), Jenny Craig (ditto), and an assortment of others (Blood type, SugarBusters, Caveman, you name it). – Liz

Hello, I just ordered Medifast this morning and will receive it sometime next week. I'm extremely stoked to get started considering all of the positive testimonials I've heard from just about everyone! – Joy

Medifast is a life changer! I have successfully lost 45 lbs and am on my way to lose another 40. My wife has lost 8. It was recommended by our doctor. – Wilbert Gilber

It works when participants stick to the plan.

Hey everyone. I'm not here to sell a story or product but my experience with Medifast has been bitter sweet. I was able to lose 27lbs in two months and what did I do? I went back to my old eating habits and gained back 16lbs. The plan works when you stick to it, it has everything to do with consistency. What I also liked about the program is that you learn to do so much with vegetables and protein. I've tried so many things that I would've otherwise passed up in a store.

kids plan

Is there a kids plan available? My soon is 11 and weight is 200. His doctor days that he needs to lose 80 pounds because of his height which is 5'2".

Thank you.
Margi Laabichi

Yes, there is a plan for

Yes, there is a plan for kids. The plan is a modified version of the adult plan. It's very simple to follow.
I am a certified health coach, using Medifast. Children can use Medifast because it is a healthy and safe solution for weight loss. Safe for diabetics as well, this plan is proven effective and cost-neutral. I would love to help you and your child to get healthy. I can also provide you with 56 free meals and free shipping.
If you are still interested, please email. One of the greatest gifts is the gift of health!
Have a wonderful day,
Jennifer Anderson

Insulin Resistant Teen

I have a little granddaughter who has NEVER been overweight. She is 16 and is barely 5 foot. She weighs 124, but is built like a gymnasist with alot of muscle mass. I know muscle weighs more than fat. She is however, heavier around her mid section.

She is a cheerleader, and has always flown, but now she is much bigger than the other girls. The other girls pig out on chips, pizza etc, and never show a pound. She is different and cannot seem to lose the 10 pounds that she needs to lose.

The diabetic doctor has her on metformin 500 mg twice a day. She exercises each morning at gym and at cheer practice, and runs 2 miles a day. She is also trying to use the health rider to get her stomach down.

She has been dieting for a year, and yes we have had our cheating moments, but most of the time she tries very hard.

In the last 3 weeks she has not cheated at all, and has kept to her 35 carbs per meal and 17 to 20 per snack. She is eating about 1200 calories a day. She has NOT lost anything and in fact, has gained a pound.

She is VERY discouraged. I think it is because she isn't eating enough calories for the amount of exercising that she is doing.

Please advise me about your teen plan. I know this doesn't sound this serious, but it is. She is getting depressed, and she is a straight A student with high goals. Not unreasonable goals. She is a good girl and does not drink, smoke or do immoral living things. She is a nice girl that just wants to lose her 10 pounds and feel good in her clothes again.

WE have had a bout of IBS and had her tested with a doctor and there is nothing except her insulin resistance. She has trouble however with dairy and so she is trying to do lactose intollerance things.

Roberta Inglet
208 529 1551

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Hi Roberta

Hi Roberta,

thanks for sharing your concern for your granddaughter. I empathize with her struggle. From what you say, it appears that she is diabetic. If she needs to lose weight, I would recommend she follows a  dietitian's advice and not try to do it herself. I have no doubt a health expert will help her find what works best for her and lose the 10 extra pounds.

Here are some useful resources:

All the best smiley

Matthew (editor)

Does anyone feel agitated

Does anyone feel agitated with this program Medifast?

I am reading about the

I am reading about the testimonials and am very encouraged. However, I am a Type 2 Diabetic. I was wondering if this is the diet for me considering my medical issues.

Thanks Cathy T.

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Medifast for Diabetics

Hi Cathy,

Medifast has a special package for people with Type 2 diabetes. To find more information, visit          Medifast and on the left side bar click on "For Diabetes" under PERSONALIZED PLANS. 

Weight Loss

Liz 45 from TN. I Lost 54 pounds on this system and it does work. I have more to go. This is the only plan I know that works well. I have kept off most 44 pounds in 6 months and I am going back on the plan. I had to get off plan because of a side affect from the flu shot for 2 months now I am back on it. I am excited to see the new me. I do look very different than before and some people do not know it's me after the weight lost. I do feel better thinner and have more movement. Now I am going to shock them even more when I lose the rest!!!

weight loss

Hi I was reading your comments on this sight.
I would like to know more about the taste of the food and the cost of the program
I need to lose about 60 lbs,

thanks susan


The bars, shakes, puddings and cappucino are great. I love the shakes in the blender with ice (kinda like a milkeshake), the peanut crunch bars and carmel crunch are the bomb. But, i do like all of them except the fruit and nut and the lemon, not so much.

The oatmeal is not very tasty and the cream of brocolli soup (but then all of it can't be great!) for the most part it is really a good diet and i don't get hungry and i love to eat.

** I have been on it for 4 WEEKS and HAVE LOST 20lbs. **

You have to be very careful about your lean and green meal because I did not realize that some vegs other than the general ones like peas, carrots, beets, corn potatoes that we know have lots of carbs.

But, a lot of the greene ones like brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage etc. still have a considerable amount of carbs in them. But, as you venture into the diet you will learn as i did what not to eat to keep your carbs low enough to stay in the fat burning state.

Hope you enjoy and lose all the weight you want to lose. have a bless day!

Write me anytime (NANNY4EVER123 YAHOO COM), I always like to make new friends

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Hi Susan

Hello Susan,

you can find answers to common questions (including pricing) here.

If you want to get the real scoop on everything Medifast, I would suggest you register with MyMedifast (free). You will find an enormous amount of information (forums, chat rooms, dietitians, etc) on MyMedifast.

Medifast shakes have a rather pleasant taste and come in different flavors, so it is likely you will find some that you like.

Do they have the rich texture that milkshakes have? Not really, because they are mixed with water, not milk.

The bars, the puddings and the breakfast foods (oatmeal, scrambled eggs) are good. Some people are not particularly excited with the oatmeal, but they find it OK.

If you join MyMedifast, you can find how people mix and match the various supplements to make their Medifast experience even more enjoyable.


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