How Much Does Medifast Cost? Can I Afford It?

(read Kate's true Medifast testimonial...)

Almost as important as “Will I like it?” was “Can I afford it?” After all, if I could afford Santa Monica fat farm prices I'd go there instead of using a program like Medifast.

 Here's the math to figure this out:

Four weeks on Medifast usually cost $300.  Right now, you can get a FREE week of product and FREE shipping with the purchase of a 4-week supply. That brings the actual cost to $240 for four weeks... $60 a week... less than $10 a day.

I decided to figure out how much an average single person like me spends on food. If you can believe the government guys (Consumer Expenditure Surveys), they say the number is $4,114 for food annually, including meals at home and away from home. This equals $340 for 4 weeks.

The Medifast plan requires that you prepare a Lean & Green meal every day which consists of lean chicken, steak, fish, eggs and vegetables. The Lean & Green meal will cost about $120 for 4 weeks. Therefore, your total expense with Medifast will be $240, for the prepared meals, plus $120 for your Lean&Green meals; that comes up to $360. This is only $20 more than you would spend during a regular 4 week period eating your own cooking.

Since the clinical studies show that people lose up to 20lbs. per month with Medifast, you can ask yourself these two questions:

1. Is the damage to my health and self-esteem caused carrying 20lbs of useless fat for another month, going to cost me more than the $20 I would pay to shed these pounds with Medifast, and

2. Is it worth spending a dollar to lose a pound?

You know, most of us spend far more than $1 for every pound of fat we gain, just to enjoy our instant gratification even when it puts our physical and emotional health at risk.

Scarlett,  a Medifast user, put it this way:

If you are worried about expense, I have found that it's really not much more than I was spending on food taking into account eating out on the weekends and buying meals at the office. Also, the company seems to have a good returns policy and if worse comes to worse, Medifast seems to sell well on eBay.

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