How Scheduling Your Meals, Workout and Life Will Ultimately Help You Lose Weight

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Getting in a comfortable lifestyle routine can help bring structure to your life and ultimately help you lose extra weight. By sticking to a schedule with your diet, exercise, and life, you will be less likely to consume excess snacks and more likely to stick with your workout goals. With a schedule, you can keep yourself accountable and not accidentally slip up on your health priorities.

Schedule Your Meals

Whether you are someone who tends to skip breakfast or reach for a late night snack, when you choose to eat has an impact on how your body will process the food, which in turn influences the likelihood of gaining weight.

While the most critical part of a diet is to eat healthy foods in moderation to fuel the body, especially for people who are struggling with diabetes or obesity, the eating schedule can help determine if people stay on track or eat more freely. To ensure you stick to a dietary schedule, find a way to plan ahead, leaving yourself with little wiggle room. For example, STARTplanner can help you plan your meals for the week, as well as balance your exercise plans with your daily schedule. This will also help you see how often you are eating a certain food so you can be sure to mix it up every once in a while to ensure your body is getting a full spectrum of nutrients.

One great tip for planning your meals is not to rely on dinner to be the largest meal of the day. While people enjoy the idea of gathering with loved ones over dinner to discuss their day, that is not what is necessarily best for one's weight.

If you save up all of your eating for the nighttime, you are likely to become ravenous and overeat before bed. A better choice for people who enjoy making dinner a social time is to eat small meals throughout the day. This way when dinner comes around, you are not reaching for every food in sight, but you can still bond with your loved ones. Work to redistribute extra dinner calories throughout the day to maintain a steady blood sugar level throughout the day.

Scheduling Your Workouts

Telling yourself that you will work out five days per week sounds great in theory until meetings come up and life gets in the way. Instead, schedule your workouts as you would any other mandatory meeting. Be specific and write down exactly what you plan to do for each workout, whether it be a tough cardio session or doing some strength training.

Having this schedule written down will help you stick to it and stay accountable. You will see exercise as more of commitment in your schedule than just a good intention. By writing your workouts down, you will also be able to track your progress as you go, and see how much longer you can exercise as time passes.

Scheduling Your Day

On a normal day, you may find yourself running late and flying out the door in the mornings. This may result in skipping breakfast or forgetting to bring your lunch to work. The thought of adding exercise before work may seem impossible, but scheduling out your entire day on paper may help you become less overwhelmed and help in your weight loss journey. If your morning rush can go smoothly, your weight loss efforts are more likely to stay on track. Getting out of bed with the knowledge of your plan for the day will not leave anything to chance.

You are responsible for your day. Use your planner to create your day, from the time you exercise to when you are settling down with dinner. Making your life pre-meditated will limit any surprises, which will also present you with fewer options of free time to slack off when it comes to losing weight.

Scheduling your diet, exercise regimen, and life helps you create new habits that will become routine. Without planning, you end up guessing what you should eat or throwing in an arbitrary workout that won't benefit your body. This will result in making yourself eat last-minute, unhealthy foods that will sabotage your weight loss goals. Finding something to eat may end up feeling like a chore.

Planning involves discipline, which is an important trait among people who can lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss is a difficult battle, and cannot be done without discipline and self-control. Successful people plan their day in advance to make sure that they are loyal to their goals.


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