How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

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People say that eating healthy is difficult because these nutritious foods are so much more expensive than the unhealthy ones. While this might be true for certain products, there are certainly ways in which you can eat healthy on even the tightest of budgets.

In Season Produce

When food is in short supply, the prices are obviously going to go up. Stock up on fruits and vegetables when they are in season so that you do not have to pay extra high prices. As the seasons change, so will the vegetables. You'll be able to taste a whole new array of foods without burning a major hole in your wallet.


Cook from Scratch

It's generally easier to buy something that is already made and to just throw it in the oven than to make food from scratch. However, premade foods are often loaded with sodium no matter how "low fat" they claim to be. Remember, it's not natural for ready cooked products to sit in packaging or cans for weeks on end. They clearly need to add substances to preserve the food. Eating healthy is not all about the calories; it's also about eating fresh. It might take more time to make tomato sauce from scratch than to just purchase a jar, but you'll really be doing your body a favor.

Buy in Bulk

Some people complain that they do not like to eat the same thing several nights in a row; however, it's a sacrifice that you may just have to make when you're strapped for cash. Look for items that are sold in family packs such as chicken legs or quarters. Depending upon the size of your family, you'll likely be able to make two to four meals out of this package. Even though buying in bulk generally costs you more money at the start, it will absolutely save you money in the long. Make this your usual practice for as many goods as you possibly can.


Abandon Brand Loyalty

Are you the person who must have the best brand name of everything? Well, next time you're in the supermarket, pick up a package of the big brand name and the supermarket brand. You're likely going to see that they have exactly the same ingredients. Stop paying for labels, and start putting that money toward nutrition. Perhaps there are a few particular items that really do taste differently to you. It's fine to have a couple that you absolutely love. However, the majority of supermarket products taste exactly the same and have exactly the same ingredients no matter what brand you buy.

Of course, you can always use coupons to purchase food at better prices, but coupons are often for less healthy choices. Ultimately, you will just do the best that you can. Use common sense when you're at the supermarket. Instead of purchasing a pint of ice cream, stock up on fat free yogurts when they are on sale for less than a dollar each. Both your bank account and your weight will thank you for doing so.

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Healthy eating

That is correct, even we have a very tight budget, we can still eat healthy foods, in fact eating healthy foods doesn't need to be expensive most of the time. There are many alternative we could choose from. We just need to know what could be a good alternative to some certain thing. It is also an advantage if we have already a list on what we will buy, that way, we can assure that we can buy all the things we want and at the same time, it will fit to our budget.

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