How to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life for Your Wedding Day

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As you begin your wedding countdown, your wedding checklist probably includes looking good on your wedding day. Knowing that you'll be in a starring role on the big day can help bring focus to your workout plans to emphasize losing weight for your wedding and looking your best. As you plan your wedding workouts, here are some tips to make your bridal fitness plan a success.

By Joli Guenther for Johnson Fitness

Your Six Months (or more) Plan for Bridal Fitness:

It's not too soon to get started on your wedding workouts. As your wedding becomes a reality, the pressure to have everything, including yourself, as perfect as possible can be stressful and even increase your tendency to procrastinate getting started on your wedding workouts. Beginning a six month workout plan gives you plenty of time to build a strong base and make gradual changes so that you don't have to lose weight for your wedding right before the big day. Also, keep the day in perspective. While looking good for your wedding will make you feel even better about the wedding photos and your time in the spotlight, remember that your husband to be and the family and friends around you are there to celebrate the beginning of something much bigger than that day.

Your six month bridal fitness plan emphasizes accountability and regular progress in finishing your workouts and sticking to a clean diet. Journaling food intake, tracking workouts, and becoming more mindful of your daily habits are all proven to improve diet and fitness related activities. Use the convenience of technology to track your diet and workouts. ViaFit technology integrates popular apps such as MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and others and provides seamless integration of ViaFit enabled workout equipment. Uploading your workouts and tracking your progress is completely effortless. Use this process of accountability to increase your workouts, focus on eating patterns, and identify areas for improvement. Rather than creating a bridal diet that deprives you, give your body the nourishment it needs with healthy, balanced food choices. Include regular meals and snacks containing protein, carbohydrates, and fat from unprocessed ingredients, every time you eat. Add in regular strength workouts at least two times per week to lose fat not muscle. Set monthly goals that allow for the occasional celebration or day off, keeping in mind your focus is on the long term.

Six Month Bridal Workout Plan

Workout 1: After calculating your maximum heart rate, use your preferred exercise equipment (rowing, elliptical, treadmill, or indoor cycle) to complete workouts of 20-60 minutes and aim to work at 75% of your maximum heart rate. The trick here is to keep yourself from working at a higher effort level than this. Training your body to work for long periods of time at an aerobic level will create a base of fitness that you can build on over the next six months. Frequency: 2-4 times per week

Workout 2: After a month of completing workout 1 two times per week or more, begin to incorporate interval training in order to further increase your metabolism, burn fat, and increase fitness. Most home fitness equipment includes interval settings, or you can create your own interval program using a heart rate monitor. After warming up to 75% of your maximum heart rate for 5 minutes, begin including peaks of effort and recovery. Your high intensity periods should increase your heart rate to 85% or more of your maximum heart rate and your recovery periods should restore your heart rate to 75%. You can include peaks of as little as 30 seconds to as long as two minutes and should allow for sufficient recovery in between those peaks to ensure that you return to your base of 75%. Your entire workout should be 20 to 45 minutes. Frequency: 2-4 times per week

Strength and Flexibility Add-On:

Add strength and mobility work as a warm up and cool down to your workouts to establish core strength, assist in fat burning, and build lean muscles that will look great on your wedding day.

Warm Up:

Plank: 1 minute

Bodyweight Squats: 1 minute

Push Ups: 1 minute

Pilates Swim: 1 minute

Pilates 100

Complete 1-5 rounds of as many reps as possible for each exercise before your cardiovascular workout at least three times per week.

Cool Down:

Warrior I


Down Dog or Happy Puppy Pose

Standing Bow Pose

Child's Pose

Complete 1 or more circuits following your workout holding each pose for five breaths

3 Month Bridal Workout Plan

Building on your base of fitness, increase the intensity of your training to blast fat and improve your body composition. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is demonstrated to help you lose weight quickly as it increases your metabolism and lets your muscle tone show through. With three months to go, plan on completing two periods of training…one for six weeks and one for four weeks, with a week of returning to the reduced intensity of your first workout plan in between.

Workout I:

Warm-Up: five minutes at 75% of your maximum heart rate on your choice of cardiovascular equipment.

Interval 1: On the same equipment, increase the intensity of your effort to 85% or more for 1 minute, alternate with 1 minute of recovery. Complete two cycles.

Interval 2: Complete one minute of mountain climbers, alternate with up to one minute of plank. Recover for 30 seconds. Repeat.

Interval 3: Complete one minute of bodyweight squats. Alternate with one minute of tricep dips. Repeat.

Interval 4: Repeat Interval 1

Interval 5: 1 minute of push-ups. Alternate with 1 minute of Pilates swim. Repeat.

Interval 6: 1 minute of alternating stepping lunges with abdominal twist. Alternate with 1 minute of tricep push ups.

Interval 7: Repeat Interval 1.

Finish with a gentle cool down of Hero's Pose, Child's Pose, Reclined Spinal Twist, Reclined Hamstring Stretch, and Figure 4.

Frequency: 2-3 times per week.

Workout II: Sprint 8 technology provides a research based, efficient tool that takes the guess work out of interval training and is proven to improve resting heart rate and waist to hip circumference while it reduces body mass and waist circumference. On the days your wedding planning leaves you pressed for time, simply complete 1 20 minute session on your preferred elliptical or treadmill (see link) and get back to completing your wedding checklist while your metabolism kicks into high gear.

2 Week Bridal Fitness Plan:

These last few weeks focus on restoration and renewal. Time efficient workouts that will maintain your improvements and help you maintain your stress level while providing a little last minute toning. To avoid losing sleep or falling into stress eating patterns, recommit to simple accountability journaling, through ViaFit. Emphasize beauty sleep by cutting out caffeine in the afternoon, getting your workouts in by early evening, and giving yourself time to relax before bed (treat yourself to a hot bath while you unplug from your email and social media). Focus on clean eating with plenty of produce and protein, cutting out processed foods, alcohol, and sugar to reduce bloat. The fruits and vegetables in your antioxidant heavy diet combined with adequate rest will leave your skin glowing on your wedding day.

Workout 1:

Strength Warm up

Wall Sit 1 minute

Tricep kick backs and pulses

Scapular Depression and Stabilization

Foldover leg raise and heel kick

Front leg raise

Heel Raise Squat

Yoga Cool Down:

Enjoy this nurturing cool down after your workout or to wind down before bed.

Standing Bow

Forward Fold


Cat Cow

Happy Puppy

Child's Pose

Reclined Twist

Happy Baby

For full instructions on how to do the poses and exercises shown above, visit this link.

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