Is It Difficult To Stay On The Medifast Program?

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In the past, I found every diet hard to stick with. Was Medifast going to be any different?

Well, this time I had a goal. I was ready for a change.

I don’t want to kid anybody. This is a strict program. Like any diet, it requires commitment. The truth is, it’s a challenge at the beginning.

One of the good things is the plan is designed so that your body can adjust quickly to the low calorie meals. That’s why many people say they can follow this diet easily after being on it for a few days. It gives you the convenience of prepared meals and the safety of a scientifically designed and clinically proven diet. All you need to provide is your determination and clarity of purpose in order to lose weight.

Here’s what my research turned up:

The first 3 days are hard but it is very easy after that. I lost weight painlessly and very quickly. -- SF

My girlfriend and I started Medifast about 3 weeks before our wedding. It was hard to transition away from the robust tasting foods we had enjoyed, but after a few days – REALLY – the food actually tasted pretty good. It does need spicing up, and time for the dehydrated bits to re-hydrate. But…what could be easier for a busy person? I actually began looking forward to the bars. We each lost 10 lbs before the wedding, and after diving back into high fat foods for about a week, both agreed that going back to Medifast was desirable! You actually feel better – wake up in the morning without a heavy feeling – and the scales PROVE IT! -- Dave Carrera

It is SIMPLE! No thought process. There is something to eat every 2 hours. Then I have my normal meal at night. -- Lynnann

This difficult yet necessary journey has resulted in my forever viewing food in a different light. I've had a hip replacement and through the recovery, gotten back to healthy exercise and recreation such as bike riding, aqua therapy and walking. Life is good! I feel great. I am devoted to this product and believe it would help many others who are READY to make a change from the habit of mindless eating, and swallowing the CRAP that is around us in our culture. -- Deb

Having routine and convenience are half the battle. I used Medifast and lost 12 pounds in a few weeks.”-- Rachel

I loved the taste of the foods I ordered and it was so easy. I wish I could just do them for the rest of my life instead of thinking of what to fix every day, but that’s just me. -- Anne                                  

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