Is Medifast For Me?

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That is a question we all have to answer for ourselves. In fact, it was the question that got me started on my research for this story.

Short answer:  Medifast is the right program for dieters who are:

  • motivated by fast results
  • value the convenience of nutritionally balanced, pre-packaged food
  • are ready to stick with a program that has fewer calories than most other diets
  • want to match their determination to lose weight fast with the effectiveness of a safe, scientifically-proven, medically-approved program

Here's a sample of what people are saying on the blogs and forums about this specific question:

Medifast is an effective program for the motivated. So far I lost 40lbs in 7 weeks and have 5 weeks to go. I feel better able to control my eating and plan to stick to low to moderate carbs once I am off the plan. I feel great! – Tisha

This works much quicker than other diets, so if you are the type of person that needs to see results to be motivated, this is for you. – Scarlett

If you are looking to lose weight quick and feel energetic without being hungry, try this program! It works! – Anny

After having my kids, I have this remaining 10-15 lbs that haven’t had the ability or discipline to shed. I just purchased 5 weeks’ worth of food and today was my first day. I love the idea of not having to “think” about dieting, just do what they tell me to do and lose weight. – Amy

I think it is perfect for someone that feels the need to have discipline and control along with convenience of the packets and bars. It gives more time to focus on other things in your life. – Trinc

Everyone has to do what works for them. What works for me is to see fast results instead of a 1/4 lb a week. – Liz

I think it gives you more time to focus on other things in your life. – Trinc

With one month to get in shape and lose a few pounds for my summer vacation on the beach, I chose Medifast to get in shape for summer. I love this diet. – Galia

It is very easy diet plan for a working and traveling person. All you really need is water to mix up the products. It works for quick weight loss. – RA

My health “hit the wall” -- I just LOVED eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted,  so I topped out at 322 pounds, on high blood pressure medicines, pre-diabetic, and having severe arthritic symptoms. I needed to alter my thinking and approach to eating habits. I chose Medifast because I needed the pre-packaged foods, variety and detailed daily plan to eat every 2-3 hours. It was a tough go for the first 2 months, but my family was a wonderful support. Within 10 months, I have lost 108 pounds, and have only 30 more to meet my goal. – Deb

This program is not just for the morbidly obese. People with less than 20 pounds can have great results, too. Just do it! – H. Gordon RN

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