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Pregnancy Inherited Obesity – The Root of The Obesity Epidemic

Why Is It Critical That You Lose Your Own Fat before You Get Pregnant

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Eco-Atkins Meat-Free Diet Promotes Weight Loss and Improves Cholesterol

When it comes to losing weight, not all dieters have the same needs and goals. For some, it is only the number on the scale that matters most. For others, with heart-related problems, getting better results in their blood tests is of great importance as well.

What should the proportion of fat, carbs and protein be so that you experience maximum weight loss and cholesterol-lowering effects from your diet?

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Weight Loss Surgery Risky Only in Super Obese or Chronically Ill Patients

Is Weight Loss Surgery Too Dangerous for Those Who Need it Most?

Bariatric surgery has offered renewed hope for thousands of people suffering from obesity and its many debilitating health consequences. In most cases it is a safe and effective procedure that can yield dramatic health benefits.

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Are Lap Band Surgery Dangers Being Underestimated?

14,000 people in Australia had lap band surgery in 2008.

In Australia, as in the U.S., obesity is reaching alarming levels across all classes and regions. People are increasingly turning to surgical intervention as a treatment. Any surgery entails some danger, and some fear that the full range of potential side effects and risks of these procedures may not be fully understood by prospective patients.

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Duodenal Switch Survey – How Soon After Surgery Will I Return To Work?

After any surgery is performed there is usually a waiting period before the patient can return to work. Recently, a small survey was conducted online (Duodenal Switch Yahoo Groups) to see how many weeks after Duodenal Switch surgery patients returned to work and how long it took them to get their energy levels back to normal

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Pros and Cons of Low Carb Diets – Does Atkins Work?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding weight loss, mostly brought about by the drastic differences between different diets, all of which are promoted as safe and easy, but few of which live up to their promises.

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Watch Out For The Acai Berry Scam

You’ve probably seen countless advertisements for Acai Berry products which promise you’ll lose weight quickly and easily. A lot of consumers have fallen for the claims and shelled out hundreds of dollars for products which have left their wallets lighter, but not their bodies.

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How Well Does Appesat Work? A Testimonial

Every year billions of dollars are spent by millions of consumers in the quest to lose weight.

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Nutritional Complications Of Bariatric Surgery – Can They Be Prevented?

Bariatric surgery is highly effective for significantly obese patients, but it often leads to nutritional deficiencies. Most of the time, these deficiencies can be predicted ahead of time, making prevention or treatment easier.

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Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets: Atkins (Low-Carb), Mediterranean or Low-Fat?

Choosing a diet can be difficult. With so many competing options, how can you decide which one will be best?

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