Medifast Before And After – A Powerful Testimonial

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The name of the lady in this  Medifast success story is Pamela Noorda. I have posted her story below (watch the video).

Like many overweight people, Pamela spent a long time in denial before realizing how overweight she’d actually become. While she knew that she had a weight problem, she’d underestimated how bad it actually was until she saw a photo of herself and asked the question: “When did that happen?” This is often the starting point for many people, when they realize their weight is well and truly out of control. For Pamela, seeing that picture of herself was what started her on her Medifast journey

Why Pamela Chose Medifast

Pamela’s decision to choose Medifast came after she ran into a friend she hadn’t seen for four months. She was shocked by her friend’s 80 pound weight loss, and naturally asked what program her friend had chosen. Pamela’s friend told her about Medifast, and she ordered it straight away. Pamela began her weight loss journey on July the first and by October, she had lost 85 pounds. She had started as a size 18, and within months she was wearing size 10 clothes, and was completely blown away that for the first time she’d found a method that would really take the weight off.

Pamela recounts how another friend of hers saw a Medifast ad in which Pamela was featured, and she too decided to embark on the Medifast program, losing 14 pounds in just ten days. One of the great things about the diet is how easy it is to follow because it is structured so simply. Medifast requires that you have a simple shake for breakfast, a shake for a snack, another Medifast meal for lunch (perhaps a soup, for something different) plus a few crackers, and another Medifast meal a couple of hours later, before enjoying a healthy dinner.

Medifast Allowed Pamela To Reach Her Goals

Like so many other people in the Western world today, Pamela wasn’t taught how to eat correctly. Partly this was due to misinformation, and partly it was due to poor inherited eating patterns. Both of Pamela’s parents were diagnosed with type II diabetes in early 2003 which emphasised for her how bad her parents’ eating choices were, and how she, too, could soon begin experiencing the same problems. While Pamela tried to cut down on sugars, potatoes, white flour and other high carbohydrate problem foods, she didn’t lose any weight. It was Medifast that finally allowed Pamela to reach her goals.

Some people criticize the Medifast program as being too artificial and not sustainable for the long term, but Pamela feels the opposite. While the program did involve drinking shakes regularly, it also taught her new eating habits.

What Other Users Are Saying

Some guy who watched this video on Youtube commented: “I’ve been on Medifast for a month now, and I’ve lost 15 pounds!” Another user stated, “I lost 20 pounds in a month on Medifast, with only moderate walking two to three times a month as exercise.”

While different people’s results may vary based on the amount of weight they need to lose and how closely they stick to the program, the vast majority of Medifast users experience fantastic results, and through the program learn healthy eating and exercise habits that allow them to maintain their weight loss.

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