Medifast: What Are The Challenges I Will Face?

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Every diet I ever tried had challenges. Some worse than others. My research found that although most users found the plan easy, they did have two main challenges sticking to the Medifast diet:

1. Accepting the radical changes in their eating habits that the program requires, the reduction in how much food and how many calories they ate, and

2. Staying focused on their goal.

Many said the rapid results they see in their body help them face the challenge of sticking to the diet.

Here’s what my research found:

“My problem has been getting my mind in gear to start and stay on it because I know it is important to follow the diet strictly. It is hard in social situations to skip a yummy meal and eat something out of a little packet. Meals are very social. I hate all of the questions from others.” -- TS

“The weight loss will motivate you to stay with it. The program takes a little getting used to for the first week. But it is easy. It fits your lifestyle and my grocery bill went DOWN. There are many programs out there, but none as easy, good tasting and as effective and fast.” -- Gordon RN

“The benefit of losing weight and feeling great outweighs my desire for ‘bad foods’.” -- Deester                                          

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