Medifast: Will I Gain The Weight Back?

What Will Happen When I Start Eating Real Food Again?

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With all the other diets I have tried, the weight always came back. I mean, no matter how well the Atkins diet took off my weight, I couldn’t go without carbs forever. When I started eating bread and bagels again, the fat came back. I REALLY wanted Medifast to keep their promise to take the weight off and keep it off.

You and I both know that no diet works long term unless we make some kind of permanent adjustment with your diet and exercise. The specifically designed Medifast Transition and Maintenance program helps you keep the weight off permanently.

One cool thing I found when I reached my goal weight was that exercise was a lot easier and a lot more fun. I think that easing back into a “normal” diet with the Transition Plan has been the key to my success.

The Transition Plan gradually adds calories back into your diet while giving your body appropriate time to adjust to the new levels of calories and carbohydrates. Most people use 2-3 Medifast Meals per day as part of their ongoing Maintenance Plan. A free online support system is available to all MyMedifast members. It really helps to have your own Registered Dietitians and Medifast coach to assist you during the Transition and Maintenance phase.

Here are some of the experiences others have shared during my online research:

Obviously, if you don’t change your eating habits you will gain the weight back. That’s true of any diet. But this approach really helped me get in control and start making smarter choices -- Robin

We all have to remember that our eating habits got us fat, so we have to pay close attention to eating healthy once we have succeeded in reaching our weight loss goals. The risk of gaining the weight back is a problem on ANY diet plan, not just Medifast. Otherwise we would all be nice and svelte from the very first diet we ever went on in our lives... but this is not the case. We gain and we lose and continue the cycle because we never learned the proper way to eat and exercise. Perhaps if we plan our transition into regular eating, even before we are actually at that stage, it might help. I find that planning has always taken the fear/confusion out of anything new I've ever tried. So, why not do that with our health? I'm on a healthful journey with Medifast. -- Nancy

Unless you really plan on changing eating habits for the long run, don’t even bother with Medifast. You will just lose all your weight, then gain it back after you return to old eating. You just need to be in it for the long run. Yes you can lose weight quickly. No, you won’t keep it off without a real commitment to change. -- Scarlett

The great thing is the transition and maintenance program is great. They just don't right you off. -- Elise

This diet is not a gimmick and it does consider long term weight problems. They try to train your body to healthy eating habits while using their meals and with the transition guide they give you once you've reached your ideal weight. -- Kay

I agree that you do have to change the way and what you eat to stay the same weight but isn't it worth it really? -- Raeanne

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