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Midlife Fitness Relates to Old Age Health, Research Shows

While it’s no longer news for anyone remotely interested in a healthy lifestyle, dieting, or fitness that an active life will keep you relatively illness-free in your olden years, recent research has gone on to confirm this long-held assumption.

A recent study, published by the Archives of Internal Medicine also answers a question that many have asked, in light of other recent scientific investigation: if you’re fit when young, will you really benefit from lower risks of illness past the age of 65, or does fitness in youth simply delay the onset of chronic health problems?

It appears that the team of scientists at the Medical Center with the University of Southwestern Texas, led by Dr. Jarrett Berry, has managed to answer this pressing question. By staying active and fit in your middle age (i.e. at and around the age of 50), you statistically stand better chances of contracting such difficult diseases as coronary disease, heart failure, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, kidney issues, and several types of cancer, among which those of the lung and colon.

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What You Need to Know about Propylene Glycol, "Fuel" of e-Cigarettes

A worrying proportion of heavy smokers are reluctant to quit, since research has revealed that a pack of 20 cigarettes per day will burn roughly 150 calories. As such, letting go of a pack-per-day habit will no longer burn those calories and cause weight loss. However, NRTs are slowly changing that bleak landscape, as they allow smokers to gradually decrease their nicotine intake and eventually quit for good. One such therapy makes use of electronic cigarettes, hailed by some as the best way to quit.

Are E-Cigarettes Healthy?

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