Top 6 Best Cardio Methods for Losing Weight

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In a society that is obsessed with good health, there have been countless methods of losing weight. Because it's effective, a cardio workout is regarded as one of the best ways of losing weight. When it comes to weight loss, a cardio workout is an effective tool that can help you lose that stubborn weight within a short time.

While all forms of cardio training provide many benefits, low intensity and high-intensity methods have specific benefits that you can enjoy. Here are some of the most important benefits of cardio:

  • It increases the number of red blood cells in the body thereby enabling greater circulation of oxygen.
  •  Strengthen the muscles used in respiration that in turn assist in muscle function.
  • Improves your self-esteem.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the heart thereby improving the pumping efficiency and resting heart.
  • Reduces tensions and stress and increases your overall well-being.
  • Increases blood circulation throughout all parts of the body.

But what are some of the best cardio methods for losing weight? Here are the top 6 methods

1. Running

As compared to walking, this is a high intensity method that is very efficient in burning calories. The main advantage of running for weight loss is that it's effective in burning a high number of calories and stimulating your metabolic rate.

Just like walking, running involves using the lower body but on a much higher scale. Ideally, it works the quadriceps, hamstrings, gastrocnemius and others. It also involves the arms thereby providing an additional calorie burning mechanism. It can be used to increase the metabolic rate, to recruit the leg muscles, and to train at high intensity.

2. Walking

Although it's considered the least effective when it comes to cardio workouts, it's still thought to be the perfect exercise for losing weight and improving overall health. It's believed that the lower the intensity the less the amount of calories burnt.

However, walking can be used in fat burning, as an exercise for those who are injured, for recovery purposes and as build up for a high-intensity workout. If you are walking on a machine, choosing the best treadmill for home is the best advice. This can help you burn between 300 to 400 calories.

3. Circling

Just like running, circling also involves the use of the same muscles. However, it's advantageous because it's lower in impact making it ideal for virtually anyone. This cardio workout can be done either on the road or on a stationary bike. Whatever approach you take you will just feel comfortable since you can easily change the resistance to fit your preferences.

If you are a bodybuilder, it can carve your frontal quad muscles to allow for greater separation during the completion time. It can be useful in getting rid of fat, and improving your athlete performance. As a beginner, you need to do it 3 times a week and for at least 45 minutes per session. If you are doing it on a stationary bike, you need to look for the best recumbent bike.

4. Swimming

Just like other exercises, swimming is also one of the best body workouts especially if you want to burn a huge number of calories. Since the body is working in water which is weightless environment it's a low impact type of training. This means there are fewer chances of getting an injury.

While using the common freestyle method will work for many people, you need to use a variety so that you can put a lot emphasis on different muscles. This will not only help you burn more calories but will also strengthen your muscles. It assists in burning calories, working the group of muscles and reducing the chances of getting an injury.

5. Rowing

Just like swimming this is also one of the best workouts for losing weight. Apart from being a high-intensity workout, it also helps in stripping the body of that stubborn fat. Since it works all the main muscles it's usually regarded as the perfect cardio workout. As compared to other workouts, it burns a high number of calories. It's also a total body workout and is the best workout to stay healthy and burn fat.

6. Jumping Rope

While this is a high-intensity cardio workout, if done well it can be the best. According to fitness experts, it's perhaps the hardest since it requires strength, patient, focus and a tremendous amount of skills. As compared to rowing, it burns much more calories per hour. Once you have mastered it can help you burn calories faster, improve skills and prevent osteoporosis.

Well, those are the top 6 cardio methods to lose weight, try them out today and enjoy their amazing benefits.

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Nancy Moore is the founder and creator of Fitnessgrams. She created Fitnessgrams to be a haven for people looking to get fit, boost their health, lose weight, or improve their well-being. Here you will find experiences, workouts, information from the experts, healthy living tips, and tools to find well-being and balance.

Seems a lot of hard work

Hey Nancy - Thanks for this article. It seems that the cardio methods you highlighted are some kind of hard work. I like the swimming one as it is the one that allows me to completely disconnect from the world. No internet, no music, no noise, no television etc. So I rest my brain and get my body to work. And usually I find plenty solutions to my problems when doing this.

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