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My Body Candy Review

Body Candy is a merchant in Amherst, NY which is owned by Cybercartel International, Inc. Whether you sport one piercing or many, you can find body jewelry of every description, including belly button rings, body piercing jewelry, nose rings, and tongue rings. Their offerings are divided into categories that will help you find whatever body jewelry you need. The biggest category is called simply body jewelry and includes jewelry for any part of your body. As someone who has had pierced ears since childhood, this merchant provides me with a fascinating look at all the ways the body can be used to support jewelry.

The description of each item gives complete information about metals, plating, dimensions and colors. If you want a specific item and know what it is called, you can use their helpful “search” box to find it. They pride themselves on offering quality jewelry in a variety of price ranges.

The major categories for items that they sell are:

  • Body Jewelry (including temporary tattoos)
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Necklaces and Pendants
  • Belt Buckles
  • Custom Jewelry (which includes everything from bracelets to personalized flip flops)

Is Body Candy Worth it? – Key Features And Benefits

Here are a few reasons I think buying any product from Body Candy is worth it.

  • They offer free shipping on orders that are more than $19.99. This can be real saver if you only want one or two items.
  • They give complete instructions for a way to pay with a personal check or a money order. This means that a credit card is not necessary to order from them.
  • They offer purchase via iPhone with an App from the App Store. This insures that you are able to order from them, without a computer connection.
  • They accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. This gives you the most possible ways to pay for your purchase.
  • In each category, they list additional suggestions. This gives you the opportunity to look at items you might not have found in your search.
  • They offer a “Deal of the Day” at a substantial discount. For example, a $27 retail item for less than $5.
  • If you sign up you get exclusive promotions and coupons codes so that you will buy at a discount

My favorite feature is that for each category, they list the most popular products. This gives you an opportunity to judge what is currently being sold, if being an early adopter and being ahead of others in owning body jewelry is important to you. They also have a large Clearance section, where the prices are really low – all the way down to 99 cents. The Custom Jewelry section allows you to personalize your jewelry by having a picture, a logo or a little phrase engraved in or printed on it.

Body Candy Nose Ring Review and Testimonial

Body Candy Cons—Disadvantages

  • The site does not have any customer reviews or at least I was not able to find any. Their template for each item includes a place for a review, but I did not see any reviews.
  • I would like to see what many of the items look like when they are actually on someone’s body. This would be particularly helpful to someone new to piercing.

What Stores Might Be Better Than Body Candy?

Here are some of Body Candy’s competitors:

How Does Body Candy Compare To Similar Merchants

I looked into two different body jewelry companies to compare to Body Candy.

The first company I looked at was Pierced Fish. They are a Gardena, California company. They claim over 11,000 items in stock. They offer free shipping on orders over $5 U.S. and $60 international. Like Body Candy, they too can be shopped via iPhone app. Their site seems to have far fewer items in each category than Body Candy does. Searching Labret-Monroe garnered under two hundred items compared to Body Candy which for the same search had 1,126 products. The Pierced Fish has many items in the less than $5 range and occasionally a really more expensive one such as a 14KT Real White Gold Labret 4mm for $66.96.

The second company I looked at was Steel Navel. Unlike Body Candy, they have pages of glowing customer comments dating all the way back to the year 2000. They offer free shipping on orders over $25. They sell through Amazon and Modified Mind as well as direct. The site is neatly arranged into main categories by piercing, then by gauge, then by type, material, brand, size, color and price. Their prices range from $1.50 to $50. They offer a free gauge reference card to help you make accurate measures. For $10, you can get their Acrylic Gauge Wheel. Again, they are a company with many fewer offerings than Body Candy.

What Is The Cost?

Here is the pricing for a some of Body Candy’s popular products:

  • Aqua Gem MICRO Nose Ring L-Shaped $1.99
  • Striped Black Austrian Crystal Evolution Belly Ring $12.99
  • Hand Painted Toe Rings Sterling Silver Greek Key $3.99
  • 8mm Clear Austrian Crystal Ferido Ball Stud Earrings $14.99
  • 14 Gauge Gold Electro Titanium Labret Monroe 3/8” $3.99
  • Black Crystal Tiffany Ball Eyebrow $2.99

What Are Others Saying? Testimonials--Feedback--Comments

Of over 100 ratings at Bizrate, one complaint with Body Candy is that it would be easier to see what things looked like if the photographs were on models instead of having the items against a white background. I agree. One complaint was that the item was not the size the customer expected. On balance, however, most of the reviews were very positive.

Any Promotional Coupons for Body Candy? How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of Body Candy we regularly check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any Body Candy coupon codes or discounts available today you will find them at the top of this page.

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