Jimpness Beauty Fatloss Capsule - Review and Side Effects

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While the quite slim, completely naked, and disturbingly breastless woman on the cover of the box can be quite convincing, the jury is still out on the real life effectiveness of Jimpness Beauty Fatloss Capsules.

The makers of Jimpness Beauty Fatloss Capsules claim that if taken once a day, their supplement can help with weight loss. This weight loss aid is supposed to stave off hunger and increase energy.

How Does Jimpness Work?

Jimpness is a dietary supplement made up of ingredients from traditional Chinese medicine:

  • Chikusaku / Bamboo Vinegar – supposed to help eliminate waste and toxins from our bodies.
  • Jiaogulan – known to be an antioxidant and adaptogen. An adaptogen is something that is believed to increase our resistance to stress and anxiety.
  • Lotus Leaf – popular for lowering blood lipids.
  • Haw – used as a sweetener.
  • Chinese Knotweed – said to restore vitality and virility. Believed to reduce cholesterol.
  • Fomes japonica – believed to prevent and cure diseases.
  • Licorice Flavor

 Does Jimpness Work?

Bran, who tried JImpness following her friend's advice, lost 16lb in 2.5 months. Her husband lost 24 pounds.

But Maribel, another reviewer rated Jimpness Beauty very poorly (gave it one star out of five on Amazon) and wrote that this product was a waste of money, and that she did not see any changes in her appetite or weight.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The makers of Jimpness claim that 90% of “fat people” (their words, not mine) “can” (they say “can” not “will”) lose 11 pounds in one month. The source of this statistic is not cited.

The makers also claim that taking this product for one week can help you lose 4.4 pounds “more or less” (they actually say “more or less”). They go on to write “and generally speaking, two months treatment period can make you regain perfect figure.” Remember what your mother told you: If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

An Amazon reviewer calling herself Betty Boop shares that Jimpness helped her to lose 40 pounds in 5 months.

Another Amazon reviewer shared that he or she lost 20 pounds in 3 months while using this product.

Side Effects

  • Diarrhea. Some users experienced lose stool and diarrhea when taking it with fatty foods. 
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive thirst
  • Dehydration
  • Vertigo
  • Constipation

Pros and Cons


  • The product is relatively inexpensive.
  • Some users testify that they have experienced reduced appetite and weight loss.


  • The side effects are numerous.

Problems and Complaints

The makers of Jimpness claim that their pills will “eliminate toxins and hydrolyze lipids.” “Hydrolyze” is a fancy word for “break down.” “Lipids” means fat. Fats in the food we eat are naturally hydrolyzed by enzymes in our digestive tracts, so I am not sure what this product is claiming to do? Aid in this natural process? Or speed it up? The makers of Jimpness also claim that their product will “Build the body and raise the face.” This reviewer is unsure of what that means.

They also use the following words to describe their product: No diarrhea, no anorexia, no weakness. Since anorexia is a serious and complicated psychological disorder, I am not sure why the marketers of Jimpness choose to mention it in their product description. Not only is the purpose of the reference unclear, it also seems inappropriate and makes me suspicious of the entire product.

People who have ordered this product through Amazon have received the wrong product, one which did not even list its ingredients. If you buy this product from Amazon, please be sure you get the real thing before taking the supplement. (Update Jan 28 12 - Jimpness Beauty is not available on Amazon any longer)

After much research, I am still not sure what to make of Jimpness. While there is certainly something to be said for honoring herbs that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, I am not sure that the claims made by Jimpness have been or will be substantiated. 

Where Can You Buy Jimpness Beauty From?

Here are a few stores that carry Jimpness Beauty

Amazon.com (currently in stock)


Is this suitable for men

Is this suitable for men also?

Amazing weightloss

Natural Beauty Slimming Liverpool .. Add on Facebook for products that are genuine real and actually work .. No side affects I am a local seller for 'Natural beauty slimming' as posted above :)

Great info

Thanks for the awesome post. I haven't tried this product yet but I have been a user for HGH supplements for months. It has worked liked miracles, increased my metabolism and overall health. I trust the product because it is natural and safe to use. You can read this article for more info: hgh-supplements.co/Articles/want-to-lose-excess-weight-the-sure-and-safe-way-try-hgh-now.html


Hi I've just bought these and still a bit scared to try them. Can anyone reassure me about them please?

Jimpness Beauty

I took the capsule last year for four months and lost just over two stone. I have just started taking them again as I need to lose quite a lot of weight before an operation.
I have had no problems whilst taking them and it is so easy to remember just once a day, I take one after breakfast with a glass of water.

Jimpness Beauty Capsules!

Does It Matter If They Are Out Of Date By A Few Months? Its Made From Natural Ingredients? /:


Where I can buy this jimpless beauty tablets in Hong kong. Plz reply

The side effect was too much for me

These pills work but the side effect was simply too much for me. I still had to find ways of keeping fat from my belly. check these ones out. losingmybellyfatfaster.com

i would not buy these tablets

i would not buy these tablets as when i purchased them i found a black line on the box crossing something out when i scratched it off i found they were a year out of date please check all your boxes if they are out of date i am worried it could cause side affects and no-one told me they were out of date at time of purchase i stress once again that the date was deliberately crossed out.

Be careful with imatations!

The first time i bought this I lost 10 in a week. I ordered again and they were imatation. I couldn't tell them apart until i got in touch with the seller. Aparently the originals have Chinese or Japanese( can't tell the difference) letter on the light green side of the capsule.

my daughter

ive just found out my daughter is taking these so called weight loss pills !!!!!! she is 17 and her own person but has increasingly become tierd and moody . Does this crap effect her contreception as well??????

Jimpless Beauty Fatloss

I have not used the specified capsules but I have used Paiyouji plus Tea and it has worked for me and my friends. I lost 7kgs and went from a size 16 to a size 10, after using two packs.
Each pack has 18 satches and not to mention that you will not have side affects like the ones mentioned regarding the Jimpless Beauty.
Hope that every one gets to their acceptable weight.
Anyway just to say if anyone is interested please e-mail on paiyoujiplusteauk@yahoo.co.uk I will give you my number and we can arrange for sending them out to you.


i took i for 4 weeks and lost 11 pounds but i only drink water as a beverage, ate normally. the first time i took it a lost 35 pounds but when i reorder it i was at a stand still, tried hoodia and lipozene so i went back to jimpness and lost. maybe the second batch was fake.

whole saler

Hi guys,

I see some of you are selling this product. Im just wondering how or who I could contact to also be able to sell it? Do I need approval or something fro the goverment


I have tried these and they definatly work but as many people have said it is hard to find the real ones. Does anyone know where to get the real ones and has anyone bought from the jimpness website and were they real?


hi hun i sell real ones, have a group and feedback album and now nearly 500 customers! 200 more than when i last posted here!!! add me on facebook, ''butterflybeauty andco'' x

hello do you have an email i

hello do you have an email i can contact you on? I could not find your page and im interested in buying. Thank you :)

Jimpness tablets

Haw can i purchase these from you


hi ladies im a seller of the 'real' jimpness, i have over 280 customers now, xx my facebook page is ''butterflybeauty Andco'' inbox me there :)

Jimpness- Work!

I havent weighed myself since, but in the first two days in taking these i lost 3lb. Im due to weigh in again friday.


i am experiencing watery (sometimes uncontrollable)diarrhoea, my ribs hurt, ive been thirsty and have lack of sleep. I also get occasional headache!

Dont take more than a ten day load at a time, take a break between as the body accepts them and results will decrease.

Only thing to work for me so im fighting through the side effects- those that apparently dont come with them...

Jimpless Beauty Fatloss

Where did everyone get it? Is Ebay or Amazon?

They Work but lots of side effects

i have tried these numerous times. when i take them my appetite dramatically reduces, i have to make myself eat at breakfast dinner and tea time. i usually cant stop eating! there are a lot of side effects however, i experience, when taking them, exceptionally dry mouth, dilated pupils, great thirst and increased energy to the point where i cant sleep at night. i take them short term but would worry about taking them for more than a week at a time. this time around it has been 3 days and ive lost 6lb. previously i got them on ebay but they wernt there this time......... i got this lot from jimpness-beauty.co.uk and they came the next day.

I have used these tablets

I have used these tablets several times. The proper ones definately work and im not half as hungry. Unfortunately there are fake ones about as well and they dont do anything!!

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Where Did You Buy Them From


Where did you buy the ones that worked for you?

Jimpness beauty pills

I bought the jipness diet pills from a lady and lost 15/20 pounds. After that I reorder and ththey were fake. Ever since I've been trying to find them. I googled them and actually bought some shiped from Hong kong but they were fake as well. I really would like to find then real ones cause they work!

I bought mine from ebay. I

I bought mine from ebay. I have looked at the product and it has the writtin g on the light side of the capsule - which i guess from the comments are the real ones? Second day taking them, so we will just have to wait and see if they actually work!


Naturalbeautyslimming.com these are real tablets...at least i think they are as i have lost 9lb so far without changing anything x

No results

I am on my 21st day of taking this product. I have yet to see any results in my weight. My appetite is the same as well as my energy level. I doubt that if i havent seen any results now that i wont within the next 10 days. I had alot of hope that this product would work because a couple people that i know personally had noticable weight loss. As for me this weight loss product has not worked. =(

worked for me in 5 weeks!!!!

i started these in july after having 2 babys within 14 month of one another, i wad 10stone 6lb, and bought 2 packs of these, i lost 5lb in first week and then lost few more, and didnt re weigh until the 5th week when the scales said 8stone 12lb! you need to cut out fatty foods and eat less, and drink more :) i beleive they work for 90% which is what it says, and i guess im lucky to be in that 90'%!! i now have started recommending these to my buyers ( i sell cosmetics) and now have my own wholesaler for jimpness :)) im now a u.k size 10-12 and before was a 14! :)) good luck :)

Hi do you still sell

Hi do you still sell jimpness?

I agree with a first guest.

I agree with a first guest. And daily exercises helps a lot. I managed to loose 10kg. in two months.

I have been taking it for 16

I have been taking it for 16 days and already lost 10lbs. This didn't happen just by taking the capsule, of course, it has helped a lot with the cravings. I am eating healthier, I don't eat white rice, breads, pastas, and stopped drinking soda. This capsule helps you get your body used to eating less but is up to you to eat healthier, there's no way you're going lose the pounds if you keep on having the same eating habits. My goal is to lose 20 more so I will keep you posted.

Jimpless Beauty Fatloss

I have been taking this product for over two weeks and I am now heavier than I was before I started to take them. I do not feel and different apart from the fact that I have the occasional bouts of diarrhea which I did not have before. So all in all I dont believe they work at all.

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