Sleeping And Weight Loss. A Bigger Sleep Means A Smaller Waist

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Have you tried everything and are still not losing weight? Eating sensibly, and getting plenty of exercise, but still the pounds are not budging? Are you getting enough quality sleep? Research has shown a definite link between insufficient shut eye and excess weight. Yes, your dress size can shrink when you add a good night's sleep to your diet campaign. Read on for the link between sleeping and weight loss.

How much sleep do you need? The studies have shown that adults who receive a minimum of 7 hours good quality sleep per night weigh significantly less than those who sleep 5-6 hours (or less) per night. In fact, those people who got less than 5 hours sleep per night were 30% more likely to be at least 28 pounds, or 12 kilos, or at least 2 dress sizes, overweight.

The studies showed that sleep deprived people had inappropriate levels of 2 hormones in their blood. These hormones were Grehlin and Leptin. Grehlin is a hormone linked to stimulating the appetite, and can also prevent weight loss. Leptin is responsible for suppressing the appetite and telling the brain when you are full. People not receiving enough sleep have high levels of Grehlin, and low levels of Leptin. What does this mean? Your body is going to be sending you signals that it is craving food, and you will tend to eat more as you will not be feeling full. Basically, a dieter's nightmare.

The other thing to consider about sleep deprivation impacting on weight loss is how much better you feel when you wake up after a good night's sleep. More energy to work out. Less inclination to fuel up on high fat carb laden foods for extra energy. So not only will your hormones be in the normal range, but your lack of sleep deprivation will make it much easier to follow a sensible weight loss program and you will have the energy and motivation to work out.

The other very important fact to remember is that getting enough sleep is not a magic diet solution on its own. You will not lose weight if you get 8 hours sleep, but never exercise and eat more food than you need.

For those wanting to lose weight, incorporating 7-9 hours quality sleep per night along with good eating habits and effective exercise will definitely benefit your weight loss program. Where's the chamomile tea?

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