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Here are two interesting Medifast testimonials I found on YouTube (I have posted the video below). One is from Marge and the other one is from Darlene.


“One thing I want to say to people out there is that you don’t have to live with the extra weight. You can have a second chance. Medifast gives that second chance to be the thin person that you want to be”. Marge, mother of Bruce, Nick, Adam, Ben and Christen

This strong statement is backed by an equally powerful experience. Marge is a long-time user of Medifast who has experienced great results by using it on three different occasions. Each time, she reached her desired weight successfully. She lost totally more than 80 pounds. Darlene, another user, did Medifast after the recommendation of her husband, who is a physician, and lost 70+ lbs. in six months.

Marge’s Testimonial

The first time Marge used the diet she was preparing for her wedding. Like most brides, she wanted to look her best for her wedding day and fit into a size 10 dress. A few years later, she got pregnant and had two children, Bruce and Nick. She used Medifast one more time and lost 50 pounds. She kept the weight off for 5 years until she got pregnant again. This time she had triplets! For a third time, she used Medifast successfully and dropped the extra pounds.

“When you need to lose 50 pounds its really hard to start exercising because you just don’t have the energy, but Medifast gives you this jumpstart, where you can lose weight fast and get the energy you need. Then, you can start exercising and you can go on with your healthy lifestyle. But first you need that jumpstart”. Marge.


Darlene’s Testimonial

“When you take the  extra weight off your body, you add some years in your life. I am very excited because I have tons of energy". Darlene, grandmother to 17 children.

According to Darlene, one of the advantages of the Medifast program is that it is easy to follow. You eat 6 times a day. Medifast provides 5 meals. This allows you to have one regular meal at home or even go out to dinner. “Sometimes, you don’t want to tell everyone you are on a diet”, says Darlene who enjoyed the freedom of preparing her own Lean and Green meal once a day.

One of the most important aspects that make Medifast unique is that it is created by a physician. “My husband, who is a doctor, recommended Medifast to me. The diet gave me energy and results,” Darlene explains.

Users testify that the program works fast, with an average weight loss of two to five pounds each week. It is a medically-designed, nutritionally balanced diet, that gives the body all it needs.

Another medifast testimonial

As I said in another comment on this site medifast has really helped to save my life. A few years ago I had a heart attack and had open heart surgery. After that my doctor told me I had to drastically change my diet in order to change my life. He recommends medifast to all of his patients and told me that I needed to look into it. On doctors orders I started the diet and ordered my food from them each month. Its been years now and I have lost 80lbs and feel great. You know a diet is going to work out when you cardiologist tells you about it.

Medifast has literally saved my life, I tell everyone I know about it.

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